The new app

Please keep to this topic guy!

Has anyone experienced any success with the new app?

Yes or no please!


Not me



Negative. Keep swiping

Cannon, which plan did you refill and for how much?

canon posted (mostly) success here:

I was on the Infinite plan. With the new app I used the Pay my Red Pocket Bill and entered 5 for the amount.

edit: I haven't had any gold deducted from my account so I changed my answer to maybe. This might not be a plan refill but some sort of temporary plan for us to move to a different plan or provider.

Any idea what would happen if we first purchased on eBay the $60 (annual) RedPocket $5/mo plan, then used the new app (to stay on topic) to top-up? Would it extend the plan by 1 month, e.g., if we topped up by $5?


No. Hold that thought.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I don't have any definite answers but I don't think you can continue with the same plan using the new app. The only way to continue that plan is to buy another annual plan off ebay.

I suspect the $5 would add to the balance you can use to spend on add ons for the remaining service month and then would expire. You'd have to pick a new plan from what they have to do it through the app ie their essential plan starting at $10 a month.

So, forget about CellNuvo for a minute. If I wanted to extend plan at or near time of the end of 6 mos., there's no way to do it? Or do I buy another $60 eBay plan? If it's another eBay plan, am I able to use the 1st SIM so I can keep whatever number I got with that SIM?

So confusing.

You can buy another annual plan and can add the activation pin you get to your 1st sim line and number to extend that one. No need for a new line. I've not done it myself but that is what I gathered others were able to do.

Anybody else getting a 4 part ad where you have to click next to see each part?

Yep, annoying. Paces us, I guess.

same ad on 2nd phone without updating app.

The cellnuvo website says you can get:

100 silver for an ad or quick questionnaire
1 gold for an activity
5 gold for completing a survey

Based on experience, is this true or false? If so, which ones?

Or will it be like that "soon"?

I received 250 silver for 1 answered questionnaire. The question asked if I followed the NFL on social media to which I answered no. So that's 2.5 times more for your first one. I bailed on one survey that was more than 10 questions on the old app, so I have no idea if it was 11 - 100 questions or what it would have paid out. I personally like the 250 silver surveys.