The lexusl21 & JTSR71 thread..for those who cares

Can you two please just do your things here instead of hijacking so many other threads? Please :frowning:

Or could just whack em, lol.

No problem. At first, his rants were amusing but I agree he has become very tiresome and it's clogging up multiple threads now.

Better to give him a separate (safe) space to feel attacked and make things up. I will try to uphold the request he has made in his avatar and not respond to him.


Thank you guys :slight_smile:

but isn't it funny. He doesn't take any blame at all. The board was fine before he got here. At least I admit it takes two. He took none of the blame. We shall see if he continues to quote me and engage me. I bet he starts first


It is trademarked against trolls


Ever since I ported one of my two CN lines out I've just been checking this board periodically to see if there are any updates. It's seriously annoying scrolling through most of this stuff.

I wish there were a better avenue to get CN information.... like from consistent updates from the company. Oh well.

From forum rules:


Strongly held opinions

Not Allowed

Fights and flame wars
Threats or hate speech
Spam, fraud, or deception
Anything illegal
Anything else I consider bad for the forum (yeah, I own the place.)

I believe what I have said falls under "Allowed".

There are multiple instances of lexusl21 posts that fall under "Not Allowed". Examples:

  • Sighs after posts, calling people trolls - Harassment
  • Claiming the forum rules do not allow "cut and paste" - Deception

There are more but I generally do not read posts by lexusl21 and do not wish to spend my time searching through them for other instances where he has broken forum rules.

True. Well here is something to ponder. I was told by support that the issue on topups seems to be redpocket. They are working together to resolve it

!! Sigh!!

A troll calling a contributor a troll


You contribute nothing

I told you he would start first he said he would ignore me
More lies

Go and maje me your freedom pop friend

This is the worst thread if you're looking for information, just look at the title...
Updates from the company? Never thought of it :slight_smile:

Very true. But I told what support told me today

So a little usefull info

How about an ETA. Any word?

Are you a CN suscriber, Legally-Speaking?

Anyone can pm me for the answer

Soon :slight_smile:

No pms tpms

Weird how much CellNUVO is being discussed in the thread created to keep non CellNUVO comments out of CellNUVO threads.

And I didn't even start it!