The lack of a cellnuvo webpage means

Recently everyone and their uncle is posting their cellnuvo refferal code.

But since the Mia cellnuvo page that will tell you how many refferal's you have. There is no way in knowing if anyone actually used it.

I could tell 19 people I used their code just to get a thank you. Without actually using any.

Before anyone asks. Yes I used your code. No need to thank me..

LOL, I agree. I wish we had the ability to track this. When I signed up, I did use a referral code but that was quite ago (when RingPlus stopped). Whom ever that person is, must be receiving on average 9 gold per month from my account. Hope they are being used!!

Unfortunately not. Everyone got new referral codes after the cellnuvo carrier partner closed and they moved to this new bill pay system Aug? 2017. So the old referrals were lost.

Very unfair. Cellnuvo say the 10% bonus they gave out until the end of 2018 covered this.

Fortunately you can add or change a referral code yourself very easily. It would be fantastic if you (and anyone else who did not use one or used an old one) would add one now by clearing app data (or uninstalling and reinstalling the app), entering in someone's referral, then signing back into your account with your email. That way going forward someone will get approx 9 gold a month. The referral thread is full of codes Click here

I see. I was unaware of that detail. What a waste of gold! I will follow that process then and pick a code. Thanks!!

Why not refer yourself? Create an account and use that account referral on your actual swiping account. Charity begins at home.

Sure. But at one end of that account chain, there's a device with no self referral, unless you want to risk the account nuking. It costs nothing to say thanks to a member here who might have provided useful assistance, that you like, or just as a random act of kindness.

If your family/friends has 4 phones for example

Why would that not work?

1 to 2
2 to 3
3 to 4
4 to 1.

For example

Same with 3 family phones

It would work. Alternatively, with a 4 family plan, you could create a fifth account and all 4 lines could use that 5th line's code.