The Chasm

This poll seems to numerically confirm what many people already knew. Why is this the current state of America, and does it need fixing, for, if true, "A house divided against itself cannot stand". Does the current divide just reiterate the the heart of darkness that has plagued mankind from time immemorial?

A few reasons. Firstly, Americans are gullible. Secondly, the media is run for profit and by special interests. Thirdly, Russia has been manipulating through social media.

While it's a problem on both sides, it is the gullibility of the (religious) right that is the main reason this has happened. By definition, religion encourages people to think emotionally, reject logic, and to be manipulated.

In American, it is the poorer, uneducated, white Christians who have been manipulated first by the GOP, then by the more radical right such as the NRA, the tea party, Breitbart, Alex Jones and eventually by Trump, with the Russians helping along the way.

Bernie supporters are mad at the Russians but it was the DNC and CNN that colluded to keep him out.

Remember, Bill Clinton was a Christian. _________ Edit: This statement about Bill Clinton being a Christian is tongue in cheek.

Everyone should be mad at the Russians. For interfering in elections, for working to divide the country, for invading Ukraine, for their suppression of human rights and free speech at home and abroad.

Mitt Romney was right when he identified Russia as America's most dangerous geopolitical foe.

The DNC is blinded by idealism just as the GOP is blinded by hate. The DNC, Clinton and most of the media (left and right) failed to understand the appeal of Trump and why Clinton was the worst possible candidate against him.

Based on the vitriol that "your side" practices against Clinton, pointing out that he's a Christian is not a good advertisement for "your religion".

I have a hard time believing that you didn't understand that statement I made was tongue in cheek. I'll edit it so others don't make the same mistake.

Clinton being Christian or not doesn't bother me, nor does his sex life. He probably pretended to be religious in order to get elected, just like Trump.

But with so many people claiming to be Christian and then turning out not to be, particularly in the GOP, Christians across America need to do a better job at weeding out these fake Christians. It is too convenient to turn around and say that a fallen Christian was never a Christian in the first place.

Right now you have Tim Murphy, politically anti abortion, but pressuring his mistress to have abortions. Before are people like Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Dennis Hastert, Charlie Crist, Herman Cain, Mark Foley, and numerous more collectively involved in underage sex, paying prostitutes, sexual assault and gay affairs.

And that's before we even get to discussing the Catholic church and their cover up of sexual assault.

There are plenty of do as I say not as I do people on all sides.

True, but when it comes to religion, one side is severely over represented.