THANK YOU Cellnuvo!

I would like to publicly thank the whole Cellnuvo crew for actually pulling through and giving me Amazon gift cards. This company is LEGIT!!! I am finally able to purchase a top flagship phone because of y'all. Granted, their where some hiccups along the road, but at the end of the day I can attest that I got my money. I can firmly say that a lot of people on this forum are feeling the same way. It's truly an honor and privilege to be part of such an amazing company.

PS: thanks Tom :wink: (I'm sure ur reading this)

Pss: let's try to keep this thread strictly with positive energy. If you don't agree or want to bash what I stated, please make a new thread. I don't think Cellnuvo gets enough credit for what they do. Thanks guys

Congratulations on your successful transaction(s) and here's to positive energy! May CellNUVO live long and prosper.

Can you share what phone you got or going to get?

Is it a flagship? Model? Brand?

Please stick to topic, thanks!

What? That is the topic

Why won't share what you plan to get?

Is this a joke?

So what phone you getting. This is on topic. Unless this is a joke thread?

@Lexus As I recalled from other thread, Shlomod was wanting to get Samsung S8. Nice phone. As always. Cellnuvo comes through again!