Textnow questions

So here we are, on our 2nd trial usage of TN, and once again it seems likely we'll end up cancelling due to the limited cellular usability of it in our area - but at home with wifi it is fine.

That having been said, TN has an option listed someplace for 'premium' at 2.99/month or 29.99/year.

Since we only recently got the phone & porting completed and are ALREADY getting warnings via email saying that unless we use it more we'll soon lose the number - which is VERY discouraging on a paid account - we need to know better what may be done.

We'll keep trying it, but here is what we need to know, if anyone here can tell me, please:
If we use this phone with wifi only, can we pay for 'premium' alone so as to keep the number & stop getting those worrisome warning emails ??

Thanks for any helpful info !!

I use text now with WiFi only . Never paid a cent. Just use it every 30 days I think it is, and u wont lose the number. If u don't use it they will automatically just give a new #. But not sure about your ported #

I also have a totally different wifi-only phone with TN - not new to it a'tall, thanks, BUT:
The number I had ported in to TN is one I wish to keep FOR SURE, so if that offer of 29.99/year can be had for a phone from them for wifi-only usage & no other monthly charges, I'll go for it as I have lost my other number before when I was away from home visiting & could not get to it on time.

Don't hope that numbers you want to keep will be secure at cheap providers. That is the golden rule.

If for WiFi only, why not using GoogleVoice/Hangouts? To keep your number, port it to Tello with PAYG $10 credit.

Thanks for replying.
Our other wifi-only phone/number with TN has worked out fine - no number loss on it after 2+ years.

Hangouts itself is something I've avoided - and I've yet to see a definitive answer to whether its dialer app can be used for GV -minus- the main Hangouts app - so I've never tried it.

The (twisted) funny here is that I've made a ticket at TN asking for info, and...it vanished magically with no reply.

Still, got a nice, free phone out of the deal & I'll manage to grab that number somehow if/when I must.

You lose your Tello paygo number and service for non-use after 90 days, per the ToS.