Tesla solar power the whole USA?

Saw something similar for the whole world.

BTW, if so, please put all the panels in Nevada... solar panels sucking up sun's energy would mean nice temperate summers in Las Vegas. :slight_smile:

Batteries to store the solar power is the other half of the equation in that solar power panels are useless at night. And Tesla is well along on its quest to develop these essential storage devices. I happen to live close to a couple of solar panel farms and love the fact that they don't smell horrible like cattle farms or yards. In fact, panel farms don't smell at all, as far as I can tell. No noise either.:slight_smile:

Solar farms kill an awful lot of birds, though. Migrating birds think they're ponds, land on them, and fry.

Wind farms aren't any better.

Nuclear is the answer.

The Solar Death Ray of Archimedes

It also doubles as a missile defense and protection against space alien invasion.
Under command/control of the NASA Planetary Defense Officer, just redirect the mirrors! :slight_smile:

We can use solar power to pump water from bottom of Hoover Dam back into Lake Mead. Old style battery. :slight_smile: