Terrible results with '$wag$uck$' !!

[color=red][color=red]Let the buyer beware !!!
When the Hulu via '$wag$uck$' deal was posted here, I remembered checking their lineup against what we like to watch now & then - and went for it.
Turned out to be a total waste of 7.99 as they'd dropped all the older shows by then so we literally never watched even a single thing on it before cancelling...BUT:
We'd get the '$wag$uck$' bonus for that, right ??

After accumulating almost $40 at '$wag$uck$', they deactivated the account about 2 minutes after the $25 gift card was claimed & demanded a copy of a state issued ID to reopen it.
Seems simple enough, right ??
Nope, it wasn't.
The ticket system there is not accessible to deactivated users - which means emails only - and guess what...?
They ignore those.

100% waste of time & efforts - a genuine total loss.

Sure, there's load of folks getting $$ from them & even using them for a 2nd sort of income - but we clearly will not be among those.

Lastly - my apologies for using the deliberate misnomer of '$wag$uck$' to anyone who may find it somewhat offensive here.
I am feeling very ripped off by this corrupt, faceless, unreachable monolith, against which there is realistically & exactly ZERO recourse.

So I repeat:
[color=red][color=red]Let the buyer beware !!!

Did you get to use the $25 gift card?

I did get mine (I signed up for the no ads one), but it took much back and forth from customer service.
However, I use services such as adblockers so that was probably why it didn't work at first.

As I posted in the OP :

And that was AFTER they'd sent the confirmation email for the 'order'.
It went as far as 'processing, please allow X time for fulfillment' - and that was the end of it.

IMO this is a terrible, crooked company.

I've tried re-sending the info they demanded & they just ignore me, so looks like I'm just S.O.L. on this one & pretty much have been swindled out of what was paid out AND the so-called 'rewards' as well.
There is no other/better way to reach them & frankly, being so crooked, it doesn't seem worth any further hassles.

How long has it been? It can take longer than you expect for the first id checks to go through.

The gift card was ordered 6/20;
I logged in several times after that & saw it was still 'processing';
On 7/1 I found the account was locked & emailed them about it:
On 7/5 they demanded more info & it was sent immediately;
No responses since, though I did re-send the info on 7/9 - & haven't even gotten an autoresponse from them anymore.

E-Z, sorry about experience. Why they ask for your state ID is beyond me. Perhaps email their support and request that they fulfil their promised if cash back and have them straightened out the mess for you. As Sova mentions, ad blocker on your computer will mess up the credits so disable that for that site or disable altogether until you’re done with SB deals. I cash out my credits as soon as I have enough. I don’t trust SB like I trust Cellnuvo.

Definitely email their support to get your credits that you’d earned and hopefully they can straightened out the mess for you.

Thanks for replying helpfully SuccessOne !!
Their site -is- browser fussy, so I use one with no ad blocking a'tall.

As to emailing them - as I said, I have been & they ignore my emails totally.

Given that I have some client work that needs doing here, hassling with them is a much lower priority, but if I have extra time I may re-visit their site & try opening another ticket...maybe.