Terrible 1 of 4 Ads

Is it just me, or do you hate the 1 of 4 Ads commercials on the CellNuvo app? Each commercial is 11 seconds, so that's 44 seconds, then when you add in having to press next and finish 4 times, your now up to about 1 full minute. And what is your reward for that 1 full minute of watching 4 ads and pressing next..... a whopping 10 credits which is 1 cent. That equates to 60 cents an hour, which is nothing to write home to Mom about. (Remember the days of 30 point ads that were only 15 seconds)

It still blows my mind that people continue swiping for CellNuvo. Especially if payout is apparently this bad.

There were weeks when that was all I'd get-- and I refuse to swipe ads when I see them. As soon as one pops up I close the app. That has meant zero credits, some weeks.

Conversely, when the 250 credit surveys pop up I can usually make the app cough up 4 or 5 of them by clearing cache, resetting Google advertising ID, and changing location via VPN.

I'll swipe 15 credit ads for a little while, when I watch TV, but my patience doesn't last nearly as long as when there were 30 point ads.

Also, the 14 credit ads that lasted 30 seconds are now 6 credits. I close the app when I see those, as well.

I'm a cheapskate, but I'm not a fool. If I can't rack up a few thousand in a half hour or so of television then I don't bother with it.

Yes I just close them too. If they are persistent in popping up I leave the swiping to another time.

I have not swiped much lately at all.

Hello Chelle! Good to see you back on the forum!