How does Teltik stack up competitively?

It stacks up well and is competitively prices vs mint if you don't want to prepay. However there are issues with it being a business reseller and subscribers being part of their account.Also the fact that they are essentially harbor mobile reincarnated which gave customers an awful experience with the abrupt shut down of their ATT lines (something like 2 days to port) though their tmobile lines continued fine. I'm not sure how much I'd trust them since they failed to manage that situation well. However if you are using google voice you should be okay.

What's the concern about subscribers being part of their T-Mobile business account?

I moved one of my employees to Teltik and he's happy, so far.

Something to do with the way they are reselling the lines and there is a risk tmobile with their lax rules change that policy and shut them down. I didn't pay enough attention to follow it logically through. ATT had stricter rules and didn't like what they were doing. That was my understanding but I may have been mistaken.

For one they are only supposed to be selling to businesses. I think the issue was that in the past harbor sold them to individuals or those with questionable businesses (like selling a small number of items on ebay) and att did not like that. Hopefully they have tighten up on this to decrease the risk.

One good thing is that they are not an MVNO but rather a tmobile reseller so you get all the native tmobile perks like tmobile tuesdays.

How aren't they an MVNO if they're billing you every month, and serving as customer service for the lines, rather than T-Mobile?

I think Boom has a similar arrangement as Teltik, at least with their AT&T service, by being a reseller of business accounts.

Teltik is a reseller selling a tmobile line to you - so in effect you have service direct with tmobile with a middle salesman who handles customer support as well.

Teltik don't buy network capacity with wholesale rates to use to sell their own customized service to you like a normal mvno.

It sounds from a customer perspective it makes little difference to the end-user whether they use a reseller (such as Teltik) or a mvno. Indeed, few would even know there's a difference.

Yes I guess not except you get the benefits of native tmobile plans which you do not get with an Mvno. They are an authorized reseller so there shouldn't be a problem. I think there are a lot of scare stories around because of the bad associations and experience with harbor mobile.

Your line will be associated with the teltik account so they will have full control and access to all your details, call logs, texts etc. I'm not sure if that is more than what an MVNO would have or not. Doesn't seem like there is a difference.