Tello PayGo users

What has been your monthly expenditure so far? One line, I've spent $9 since late Feb this year, so about $1.10 a month.

I've, got two phones on Tello PayGo and have probably averaged about $2 monthly on each, mainly data useage.

I've used $3.80 since February on one and $5.53 on the other. $0.40-60 a month.

I have other phones though so not really a good data point.

I've used a whopping $1.65 since February, but now that I'm out of the desert, I'll let her rip.
I'd use more every day and every way, but don't have sprint reception @home

have 2 on paygo both are the only cell phone each user has, both opened in feb one was topped up with the original $10 free credit and has $9.21 left, about 8 cents a month. one topped up in feb with $20 and has $8.19 left so about $1.20 a month.

I originally purchased $5 of Paygo credit for $5.60 on Feb 8, 2017.

I got $10 free credit shortly afterward added to my balance.

Current balance is $8.49. They only other phones I have were only used enough to meet minimum activity requirements.