TELLO----Hurry for FREE phone

Free phone promo---Free to first 100

Nice deal if you are getting unlimited talk/text anyway. I think they sold 5 in the past 2 hours so not a real rush yet. Maybe if it hits slickdeals it will vanish by lunchtime!

Seems as if it might be an offer to counteract the TPO $7.99 unlimited talk/text/100mb plan, which I left Tello for, with one of my phones.

If they let me buy $20 in paygo credit instead to get the free phone I might have jumped on it but I have no need for unlimited talk/text.

What a score, an Alcatel Fling!
Now if the only requirement was a $5 paygo purchase, it might be a decent bargain. That is if they still offered a $5 paygo amount and they don't.

Still 83 left - not much interest.

Yeah, I'm wondering why I posted the "deal" with a "hurry" attached, for I didn't think much of it from the get go. Not much of a Father's Day present. If one could just pay for one month's unlimited talk/ text and then switch to paygo, then maybe it's ok.

Nothing wrong with that. Easy to do.

It went up to 84. Did you cancel your order isamorph?!

I had no order--I would not want that phone even if free. Maybe someone reconsidered and cancelled their order after reading the past few posts in this thread. What is Tello to do with those 85 phones---- probably will sell them for $45 each. Never read an email deal right after waking up and then post it---lesson learned.

Need to pay $18/mo. Meh.

You pay the first month and then can cancel and go to payasyougo.

To get a $15 phone?

Happy Dance Time !!
Goody, goody - a flip phone for FREE with a minimum order of $47 - yippee.

Too funny. No wonder it ain't selling.