Tello credit deal on stacksocial

New customers / accounts.

But can be used towards plans or paygo.

It appears to be a one time use code so you could say buy $30 of credit on stacksocial and redeem that for $30 of paygo credit in one transaction. $5.99 for $30 of credit is excellent. Or buy a month of whatever plan you want.

Credit Slickdeals

Great timing for me. I'm planning on cancelling my wife's backup phone line, since it's rarely used at all. With this offer, I'll put that phone on Tello PayGo, and she can keep it in her glovebox.

Did not work for me. Opened a new account, port in a number, selected $10 PAGO credit, applied coupon code, being charged for another $1.50. Then no trace of order existed. No port-in tracking either.

Did you ever sort this out? Seems like others had success with it and the $1.5 was supposed to be a temp charge only apparently.

I signed up a line, and it worked fine. I didn't port a number, though. By the end of filling out boxes & clicking, I was literally logged in to the new account.
I also got the $1.50 charge, which seemed odd because it didn't appear on the invoice...... I thought it might have been taxes & fees based on applying the coupon to PayGo credit, but that line is pretty clearly indicated as $0, and a $0 total.

Zubrin, if it hasn't worked out yet, you should reach out to Tello. The coupon code should make the event trackable. Either they have the code applied, or try starting over and applying the coupon code again.

Could someone please provide an order number that shows this $1.50 charge so we can see exactly what happened there?

It seems the mystery has been solved: the $1.50 charge was temporary, like a little guarantee to make sure credit card is valid. Usually the amount goes back into your account almost immediately.

Thanks, Christina_Tello ! As usual, it's good to see you're keeping an eye open on forums like this.

Hi, KentE! Waving at ya! :silly: :blink: :side: :evil: :cheer: