T-Mobile new promotion 3 lines for $100 flat

For those needing more data and lots of tethering... what are your thoughts on the new T-Mobile 3 lines for $100? I do like the Intl Roaming Data areas.

If you need a lot and 3 lines it looks good. The big 4 are never good value for those with low usage though so not for me.

I'm seriously considering this plan. T-Mo includes taxes in their plan fees, so this is an even sweeter deal!

If you decide to follow through, if you weren't aware, you can get $150 prepaid credit/debit card for every line ported in. Use 17SWITCHER code. T-Mobile Promotions

This promo is looking better and better. From the T-Mo website:

So, $33 per phone (x3) for unlimited talk, text, and massive amounts of data. Or $23 per phone (x3) for unlimited talk, text, and up to 2GB data per phone.

... and all taxes included!

This sure seems like a killer deal to me. Am I missing something?

Edit: Also, if that $150 per line promo (comment above) is indeed true, that's 4-6+ months worth of free service (depending on data usage). I couldn't confirm that $150 promo since you can only apply it after you've started your service.

The kick back probably won't apply to line 3 since the price is $0 already. So you could get kick back on two. So $80 for 3 lines or $26.67 each.

"If your line price is less than $10, your KickBackTM would bring your net line price down to $0"