T-Mobile handing out unlimited data

Details here: T‑Mobile Update on COVID‑19 Response ‑ T‑Mobile Newsroom

All the Big 4 carriers are pledging to avoid disconnecting users for non-payment (and many agreeing to waive late fees), as well as US Cellular and several MVNO's (including Tracfone).

AT&T And Verizon are offering to open up their private/subscriber WiFi networks to the general public.

Of particular interest to me in the T-Mobile announcement is that they'll be waving surcharges for foreign calls to areas impacted by coronavirus. For those with families in other countries, and especially for foreign students in the US for studies, this is a nice touch.

Every MVNO is getting pelted with questions on if they'll follow suit, and I'm not sure anyone asking realizes how wholesale purchase works.

For the record, anyone with a specific Ting billing concern can email me at mitch@ting.com, but we have no plans in place right now to upgrade anyone to "unlimited' minutes/texts/data when our target market is people who spend a lot of time around WiFi, including those working from home. Said home internet providers are the ones now lifting their imaginary data caps, so we'd encourage you to use it!

The MVNOs aren't being greedy -- they're just not flush with cash to give away freely something they pay for, whereas the MNOs and their flankers (as well as super-massive MVNOs like Tracfone, the only one mentioned in that PPPN story) can afford to buy good will this way.

Thanks for reminding us, LiterallyUnlimited.
Yeah, I would never expect MVNOs to give away bucketloads of free data-- the vertical market doesn't allow that to happen.

To be clear, my mention of Tracfone above did not include lifting data caps. They are part of the group that pledged not to disconnect users for late payments, and for (at least considering) waiving late fees when users do pay up.

I don't think anyone would ask ting for temporary free unlimited talk/text/data. The equivalent for you guys would be temporarily waiving your monthly fee charge. However, I don't think anyone would put ting in bad taste if you chose not to do that.