T-Mobile free 200MB for life

Anyone using this free offer? What are your thoughts? 200mb doesn't seem to be a lot...

I use this in my iPad. It's great when my Broadband goes down. But I don't think they're offering it anymore, unless you found it somewhere? I don't see it on the T-Mo site anymore.

I used an old SIM and went through activation for the free plan then end up with "call customer service" who said the SIM expired (got it 3 yr ago on their 99 cent sim deal) and have to buy a new one for $20. Gonna wit for better pricing...

With iPad, can you get a free T-Mo SIM at Apple Store, like with Sprint LTE SIMs?

I don't remember. I got in when the sim was 99 cents, like you, but then I activated it right away. Recently, I bought a $5.00 SIM because someone gave me their T-Mo mifi device and I'm thinking of trying it out.

Where did you get a $5 SIM? I checked ebay but am not sure if those would work... I did see one with expiration in June 2017 but say "no activation code" and I do not know if that matters or not.

I got it on the T-Mo website. They don't seem to do the 99 cent Sim offers any longer, but will occasionally do them at $4.95? (I just round and say $5.00).

You can definitley still get it, just signed up on an iPad pro last week in fact. We've had in on 4 iPads now, it's a choice with an Apple SIM. But even better, a newer iPad with Apple SIM often gets a $10 offer for 5 months, 5GB TMobile, which I gladly took. The 5GB is total for 5 months, use as fast or slow as you wish. That stacks with the 200MB offer though, so, you actully get 6MB over 5 months for total $10.

So what's the rule?

  1. Do you have to have a paid account to get the free SIMs?

  2. Is there a limit? What if I have 3 cellular iPads?

  3. Do I need an activation code? I see some listings on ebay selling just the SIM but no activation code. Does it matter?

Yes, just go to an Apple Store and ask them for a sim. It's always FREE too!!!