T-Mobile Free 10GB Phone Hotspot Data

"T-Mobile Customers: 10 GB Smartphone Mobile Hotspot Data
Free(Valid for Next 60-Day Bill Cycle)"

"All T-Mobile Customers"


Also: Free 15 GB for mobile users at Verizon - March 25 until April 30

Not sure if this can be used for Hotspot data or not. SD posters seemed to assume it could be used for hotspot.


In addition to 15gb added data Verizon is offering some free international calling.

The carriers able to offer additional data are indeed a major help for those without home WiFi. I'm especially thankful that some carriers have thought specifically about those with family members overseas in affected areas, and made their lives a little less stressful by being able to stay in touch.

i can confirm the Verizon 15gb. i have a prepay $40 with normally 3GB. they are allowing it to hotspot. however after April 30th ( unless they extend it) it doesnt roll over if you dont use it and it goes back to your monthly allotment