Swipir Bug List

This is a thread for Swipir users to post bugs encountered while using the Swipir app. Hopefully this will alert tCellnuvo to bugs they may not be aware and help in fine tuning the app.

This is not a discussion/comment thread. Bug reports only, please. Developers generally request logcats when reporting bugs, but let's keep this list simple. Unless you think additional info might be helpful, please include the following at a minimum.

App Version: 3.69

Android Version: 9

Action: Left Swipe

Bug: Ad appears but freezes every 3-5 seconds. Only way to jumpstart countdown timer is to open recents list and select Swipir app. Once back to full screen, ad runs 3-5 seconds and freezes again. Rinse and repeat.

Actions Taken: Fresh install, clear cache, reset Android ID

App Version: 3.69
Android Version: 9
Action: After ad on Left Swipe
BUG:. Ads don't close upon completion. After ad finishes and the "x" appears in upper right hand corner, ad doesn't close after hitting the "x."
Hitting return doesn't close it either. Have to close and reopen the whole app.

@I_one_2 : Is the non-closing ad issue tied to a specific ad, or does it happen all the time?
In times past, there have been specific ads with similar problems-- and the general consensus was that it indicated an issue with the design of the ad itself, rather than the app.
It's a useful report either way, and especially if Swipir is being used to vet ads for function before they're introduced on the CN app.

It's happening on several ads (e.g., solitaire, coin ?, etc.) and at varying intervals.

Bug: Ads not crediting.

Amazon isn't showing in the list of payment options