Swappa now shows phone plans


Now that is great info

Wonder if good deals?

Similar to prepaidcompare.net but ppc show the carriers. This one does show Ting, but it's not very flattering for them.

I looked at swappa's plans pages, too. Based on my initial look, not even close to as informative, or as sortable, as prepaidcompare.net.
Dennis Bournique has done an incredible job with that site!

PPC is a much better layout and informative, my only complaint with PPC is the lack of Tello's plans that are much more competitive than most of the others in the $10 to $20 range. Tello has unlimited T&T with 1GB data for $10, and unlimited T&T with 2GB data for $14, these plans have been out for quite some time but for some reason they never appear on PPC.

Good point about Tello plans not being listed, which is an important omission that puzzled me. Perhaps because these are considered custom, create your own plans in some sense, Dennis decided it would be too much to list all the custom plans. But Tello has advertised the $14 and $10 custom plans as if they were "plans" per se, so who knows what's up?

I thought the trick with PPC was that Tello is there, but for some reason their options don't always show up under filters that should include them

I haven't tried sorting for particular plan combinations, but you're correct that Tello does appear in several different plan configurations-- with of course more detail if one clicks on the plans that show up.

Tello fares better than Ting as far as visibility in the PPC spreadsheet. Both present the same problem for presentation, along with Twigby and possibly others. The plans offer so much customization that it's difficult to include them all. (Ting, of course, points out that for their traditional structure doesn't have "plans" at all, but is pay-for-use.)

Interesting that BestMVNO shows Tello's plans on their site today. Fwiw I emailed Dennis of PrepaidCompare today to ask about why some of Tello's highly competitive plans aren't listed on his site. I also mentioned how he and his site were much applauded and relied upon on this forum.