Super Silver Offer Reference [Comments Disallowed]

Updated: 2/10/2019

Refer to Super Silver Guide and FAQ, for rules and questions. To add or remove from this list reply in the Super Silver Suggestions thread.

[Potentially 62550 Silver / account
Doesn't include bonus from the swipe after,
because this list was created before that started]

  1. Easy Money Offer List[Nothing Special Required]

Hotspot Shield Free [80 Silver]
[ Source ] Cooking Time [130 Silver]
Endless Frontier Saga [140 Silver]
Key Hero [200 Silver]
New Casino [200 Silver]
[ Source ] TBS App [250 Silver]
[ Source ] TNT App [250 Silver]
[ Source ] NFL Rush [300 Silver]
Onavo protect [500 silver]
[ Source ] Pandora [600 Silver]
Vivino Wine [600 Silver]

[Total: 3250 Silver]

  1. Big Money Offers[Requires Some Work]

Daily Burn [1400 Silver]
Rakuten Kobo [1400 Silver]
Apple Music [1600 Silver] [30-day][2000 Silver]
CBS All Access Trial [1-Month][2000 silver]
FreedomPop [2000 Silver]
Hooked on Phonics [2000 Silver]
WWE Network [2000 Silver]
ESPN+ [7-Day][2400 Silver]
SlingTV Trial [7-day][2500 silver]
Game Fly [2400-2600 Silver]
eFax Free 1-Month Trial [5000 silver] Requires CC
Norton Privacy VPN [6000 silver] *4

[Total: 35300 Silver]

  1. No-Brainer Money [Very Generous Offers]

Dropbox [30-day][2000 silver] *2
Walmart App [Any Purchase][6000 Silver]*3
Boomerang [1-week][8000 Silver]
Hulu [1-month][new/cancelled subscriptions eligible][8000 Silver] *1

[Total: 24000 Silver]

More Details:

*1. They did a 1 dollar authorization charge, but usually those roll off within a few days. The cellnuvo silver did post within minutes, probably because this $1 pre-authorization went successfully.My previously cancelled account wouldn't start a new free trial INITIALLY however after restarting hulu it did give me the trial again! If you get this as well, do not restart hulu until you are sure the pre-authorization went through as well as your silver posting first.

*2. No CC required for reward

*3. Suggestion: If you already have this app try uninstalling it first. Then re-installing through tapjoy link

*4 [This one I had to scroll a bit] When it gives you options for VPN purchase, buy the smallest annual package. Norton has a 60 day return policy on annual pricing. Because quick cancels can revoke reward try it for roughly 3 weeks and if you dont like it, you get your full annual purchase back