Suggestions for Tom & CellNuvo

  1. Find a cell partner that willing to offer customer support to CN customers, even if it means paying higher rates. Pass the extra expenses to its users. It usually turns out bad to be the lowest rates in cell industry. Look at Ringplus, offering generous amount of cell services for free for one-time top up fees that cost less than a month worth of what 4 major carriers are charging in a month. Big mistake! Be sure to charge enough so have enough to make changes when necessary and are often require in this ever changing markets. With added expenses, don't absorb the costs, pass it on to its customers. There's no way around it unless you make outrageous profits like Apple, or Verizon. Changes and improvements cost money and require money. So charge enough to be able to do these things promptly, effectively and efficiently. In short, go with carrier that can provide sufficient customer support even it it means charging more!

  2. Find a cell partner or partner(s) like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ebay, etc. that will be offering discounts as bulk buyer. For example, if the cell plans cost $10, the carrier could give CellNuvo a break on the price like charging only $8 or something to CellNuvo, and CN deduct full $10 for its users. Use the savings to improve its operation and expanding its customer base. Ask partners to give 20% discount of cash value or negotiate tough on those discount rates. As CN gets bigger, it can commands even larger discounts.

  3. Don't be afraid to make tough changes. Ting didn't budge on their prices but they're still doing fine and expanding its custmer base. Had Ting turned into lowest of the low, Ting'd probably out of business by now. No way Ting can absorb the top-up costs, customer support, while being the lowest of the low. I don't see how it could have done it unless its CEO and its employees enjoy sleeping on the sidewalks and eating instant noodles every day!

I have made many suggestions but only wasted my breath. Now I have only one suggestion --- Cut me a check and let me handle the topup crap or amazon gift card dream. This is better than any other idea. You said you want 20% discount? I give cellnuvo 50% discount, now cut me a check with $166 for the 333 golds in my accounts. Would cellnuvo do it? Of course not, because it has decided not to redeem (in my case, so that those who are chosen would not scream).

I think cellnuvo would be OK if they could just fix the button that says pay my plan. End of story

And pay off hungry hog $30. Or $166?

Imagine that when you go in to your bank to withdraw some of YOUR money, you are only successful one time out of every five or ten attempts, and even then it usually takes a week or so and multiple, closely monitored requests in order to get the pocket cash. You'd race to different bank, and notify the FDIC.

Imagine the same success rate at your neighborhood grocery store, every time you go in to try to buy a quart of milk. You'd start shopping somewhere else in a heartbeat.

And yet that exact record is what is getting praise from some people, who cite all the "good efforts" at CN when, on rare occasions, it actually manages to do the one remaining thing it is now set up to do.


I assume that is primarily aimed at me.

This is a tiny struggling company so forgive me if I give them slack. Probably more than they deserve but it is the Christmas season so I for one am feeling charitable. We aren't talking about a dependable well established grocery store or a bank with your real money. This is more akin to kickstarter campaigns that are always filled with a lot of effort and excitement but with little to show for it. Plenty of missed deadlines, unfulfilled dreams and the odd few successes. Those who back companies like these recognize the huge risk involved. Or you should simply stay away. Sometimes you just don't get out of it what you want.

We just see things in a different way. You feel like you have been through hell and deserve every penny you extracted. It is your gold.
I don't blame you. At least I attempt to understand your position though. I am sure you would rather they call it quits and distribute whatever they have left to the members.

However I feel happy if I get anything at this stage after experiencing all the bad things that happened over the past 4-6 months. I would be over the moon if I could clear out my account and get everything I put in. I will celebrate if multiple people are getting service and payouts no matter how hard it is to get them. But do not mistake that for some blind praise about how well the system is working. It isn't working well. But every payout is a small victory for the customers. I would rather cellnuvo make an effort to try to turn things around and keep going and I feel they are trying. I like the idea of cellnuvo despite the execution. So I will keep praising everything they get right even if it means I am the target of everyone who hates cellnuvo. There is enough hate talk to go around without me complaining about all the things I would complain about. There is plenty wrong with cellnuvo to fill a book. But I have hope it will get better and this past month has shown some small signs of that. Enjoy your $122.

I appreciate your willingness to fully acknowledge the dark side of CN. However, I disagree with your characterization of them, at this point, as a fledgling kickstarter attempt. They have existed as a company for more than four years under the watchful eye of Seedary. About a year ago, it seemed they basically had their act together and were functioning rather well. At that time, I was even recommending them to people who were willing to put up with the unique approach. We'll never know the details of what actually happened in August, but clearly it was more catastrophic than they have acknowledged. But I don't object to them because they're struggling -- I too have run a struggling business. I object to them because of the multitude of false promises and outright deceptions that have marked their existence for the last four months.

The mom-and-pop grocery store where I typically shop opened less than a year ago. They always have milk on the shelf. And if the day ever comes when they don't, I'll trust them to tell me about it in a straightforward manner.

To me the past 4 years were a rather different situation. Cellnuvo saw a rapid increase in size this year probably because of ringplus ending. It is almost as if it was a new company. They were able to do many of the things they were simply unable to do without the numbers. So that is why I draw the picture of a kickstarter type company with grand ideas. You could well argue they were far better off before this year and before they had the opportunity to grow. Heck I'd take cellnuvo in Feb 2017 over the cellnuvo today. Tom was on here a few times a week talking to us. It was a badly managed stage of growth as happens to many growing companies. They over reached. They were hit with something bad in August that they did not manage well at all.

Your mom and pop grocery store would be happy operating as they do. But what if one day they were given a grant to open a huge new supermarket. They could screw up big time with a new direction and stage of growth. Suddenly they have to delegate tasks they would rather do themselves. They don't get to talk to customers as much as they used to. They really don't have the skills to manage teams of people or operate 24/7 etc. It happens a lot. But yes I agree that for cellnuvo the lack of communication and trust issues is what will drive them out of business if it doesn't get better quickly. For you it is already too late. Which is a decision I respect even if it is not what my position is. They were always fairly good with ad side and choosing to focus on that is the right way forward in my opinion. They need to get back to their core strengths to pull through and start talking again to their customers regularly.

Fair enough. I hope you and all of their customers get every cent of what you have coming, and that getting it doesn't require countless hours of battling with them and posting on this board, which of course would diminish, to an amount approaching zero, the value of what you eventually get. That's it in a nutshell: It's just not worth it. If I could trust them in the slightest, I might think otherwise. But they have demonstrated, over and over, that they are not the least bit deserving of my trust.

And that too is fair enough LOL.

I wonder if I could buy a years worth of the essential plan? 120 gold. That way I dont have to deal with trying, begging, hoping, cussing every month

For my money, so to speak, you should do everything in your power to cash out all at once, immediately. There's got to be someone you know with a big four account. Your uncle, the guy at the next desk, your mother-in-law, your bartender. The bartender option would be particularly appealing. Everyone here needs a few good stiff drinks. Offer to trade all your gold for a holiday-weekend-long bender.

If it were me, i’d do what give me best chances of success in getting my bill paid. Big payout can take long time as we have read in this forum. I’d just do one or two months in advance before the acct expired.

I have 3 CN actts. but I haven’t redeem any of my golds except for 5 golds I tested on Red Pocket. Wasn’t able to make it big deal, I just switched the phone to Tello.

If you make other arrangements then you won’t be stressing out about forcing the app to work. I can wait it out for CN to work out all the glitches before jumping back in. As long as Red Pocket can’t drain my golds for phone services am not having or using, I can wait it out.

Are your three free phone numbers (around August, at least) still working?

All 3 lines worked perfectly before CN’s former cell partner suddenly closed its door. It’s when CN migrated my acts to Red Pockets that I have problems with those lines. No big deal though. I’d rather redeem golds for Amazon anyway if CN were to make that feature available in the future.

I believe that Amazon gift cards will be available, but not to you, because obviously you are not chosen. "Most" people will get amazon gift cards though.

Take my advice, salvage whatever you can and walk away. This company is going to disappear soon. Even those who are chosen are not swiping as hard as they ought to, where comes the money to pay those who are not chosen? You think most of those who are not chosen will swipe so that those who are chosen get paid?

I don't need any more cell phone services. I've gotten some really good cell phone promos that ought to last me for a while. One is only 8 cents a month for unlimited everything on Virgin mobile. Yes, only exactly 8 cents a month. No taxes or fees whatsoever. Mintsim I've already prepaid for a year. Tello is as easy as 1-2-3, just add in $10 when Payg acct. gets low! Even if CN were to make all my 3 lines on Red Pockets working again, I'd say, "No, thank you.". It would only drain my golds monthly without any useful purpose to me. Bear in mind, RP accts are now monthly NOT Payg. Time is another factor. Seem overly complicated than needs be to make it works.

I don't really care about the golds, but I do want CN to succeed thus I'd made this thread. I'm not mad or anthing, just want to give CN ideas and suggestions on how it can move past this hurdle, and be able to better deal with unexpected events in the future. IMO, to be mobile, to be able to move fast, it has to have resources (money) and to have resources, it has to make sufficient amount of profits. Sometimes CEO of small companies can make a mistake of being too generous and under price their services which can leave them vulnerable to mishaps should emergency situations occurred.

I like your attitude. Keep swiping, otherwise the soup Nazi will say no soup for you! Actually no soup for everybody very, SOON.

Amazon regularly pays commissions to its Affiliated Marketing Partners as shown in this youtube videos: Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial (for beginners) Million Dollar Niches - YouTube. Something to think about if CN were to pay full prices for the redeemed golds to the 4 major carriers and Red Pockets. I don't care if limits were to place on monthly redeem golds on Amazon. I have no problems with that. As I see it, CN has the rights to make changes as it see fits to give it the best chance to succeed. I'd like CN to keep redeeming golds as simple and reliable as possible. Simplify the process if needs be. Made it as reliable and dependable as before...i.e. phone works automatically as long as enough credits in the account.

Realize that any business whether small or large, you can't satisfy everyone. Make the necessary and tough decisions as see fits to assure best chances of success. Inform users of the new policy/rules on website or make changes to website and move on! Get input by all means, but ultimately decisions are made by the CEO and its management. Don't try to please all customers and lose sight of making sufficient profits that will keep the company healthy, fuel business growth and be able to deal with unexpected, emergency events. Seek out reliable partners, negotiate win-win with partners and work as team to seek solutions!

Honestly, the Business 101 stuff you keep bringing up is very nice and all. But the gerbils on wheels that are paying their electrical bills and the bailing wire that is holding the lights on the ceiling are really much more the issue. You want CN to learn to run. They not only can't even walk, they're barely crawling.