Successfully completing a survey will award 100 silvers

It is a joke! Take it off! Don't waste our time!


I think H-H is referring to the survey that pops up frequently soon after starting the app-- and usually ends shortly thereafter with being notified you don't qualify, and somebody ate all the surveys.
I actually have 'qualified' for a couple of them-- they were short, and paid. In general, I suspect that they may be designed to gather very basic general data, and that the data has already been acquired by the time most are disqualified......

As I said in other thread, if you close them and not answering, they'll keep on appearing. Best answer them quickly, then get it out of the way...Once answered half-dozen questions or so on the 120 silver survey (yellow page) and 100 silver (just ask age and gender) to determine if you're qualified or not, they usually don't show up again until you reset your Google advertising.

I've qualified about half-dozen times for those surveys and they do credit properly once you've qualified and answered a few of their survey questions. I only do those surveys when I swipe for ads. I don't look for surveys. But if they show up, I'll maximize my time and effort by doing those two surveys.

Hi KentE I meant that one with a rotating dot circle. It comes up every other swipe but never offers a survey. I hate it.

Finally got 100 silvers today

Choose uptime energy drink if u get that survey. 225 points