Successful Port Out?

Anyone able to port out their cellnuvo number before of after the whole prl/profile 331 number update?

I was patient when service went down and was glad its up again after prl/profile update. Only I didn't expect to get a new number and now it appears I am unable to port out my old cellnuvo number as it is no longer tied to my device.

I got an upcoming business trip and I really need my old number back. :frowning:

We saw at least a couple of successful pot-outs just before we were aware of the Red Pocket involvement. It's possible that account numbers & pins may be changed to match the Red Pocket format, or perhaps not. If it's new account #'s/pins, you would need that info to port out. I don't know any way to acquire that info at this point.

Dang it, I regret not porting out early then. Guess no choice but to wait and see if Cellnuvo can recover our old numbers. If there was even a possibility that we could lose our numbers Cellnuvo should have given us a heads up to port out like R+ did.

No real need for regret: an earlier port-out request didn't work for most, and may have contributed to the problems some are having getting their device working again. We don't have any reports to hazard a guess as to which course was better.

Really appreciate all your helpful advice!
In your experience have you ever seen a service provider make a unilateral decision to change phone numbers even temporarily?

I think there would be massive legal ramifications and it would be akin to suicide. Even if they only lose a few that would be trouble for reputation. I think cellnuvo will make sure we get our numbers back. The main issue is how long that will take.

Is there a reason why they are not stating that our numbers will be returned.

It seems to be a primary concern by most cellnuvo customers. So far, most seem to be willing to wait it out.

It would be helpful to see that eventually our numbers will be reconnected to our devices.

It doesn't seem to be at the top of the list for them, although it is for most of us!!

I do not believe that is true. They are delaying personal help. To concentrate on larger issues. I think this would include numbers.

After r+ fiasco i ported fro ting to googlevoice

Actually, I received an email today saying as much (Still waiting for a reply to my follow-up question).

We are in the process of providing services to all who have been affected first and foremost. We will be addressing specific phone numbers and account details very soon.


CellNUVO Support

I had the same response word for word.

Seems they are short handed and swamped.

I wish they let redpocket help with some of the phone provisioning issues

I haven't seen an instance of wholesale replacement with temporary numbers, but I can easily envision a scenario making it advisable, and possibly necessary.

During popular RingPlus promos, the influx of new activations, and especially ports, would crash the Sprint servers-- or at least the connection between the RP server and the Sprint server. The results were lots of nerfed accounts. RingPlus had to institute a 'metered' system to intentionally slow down activations, and/or make ports temporarily unavailable to keep the systems within their capacity.
It's entirely possible that new activation with a temporary number is simpler in the backend than a port, which would allow CN to get the bulk of our lines working again as quickly as possible-- which is what CN has said is their first and primary goal at this point.
It's also possible that accessing the various databases necessary to coordinate between the previous MVNO partner/CN/Redpocket is an issue.

As far as we know, this is a little different than the Ting migration. That didn't involve ports at all, as I understand: management of the numbers was transferred directly from RP's system to Ting's system. I suspect that this was a special accommodation worked out among the various parties, and may not be available in this instance. (It would need Sprint's approval, I believe.) Without a similar agreement in place, transferring our numbers to Red Pocket is a port, and may explain why it hasn't been possible (mostly) to port a number-- perhaps our numbers are already a 'port in progress'?