Successful phone purchases


Has anyone been able to purchase a phone with their gold?

I think NotMeAgain ( and me too) actually ordered phone + mins. bundle. Waiting around 10 days, nothing happened yet.

I submitted 100 golds for phone purchase but today I found that the phones were sold out. What will happen if I pay 260 golds and hold it there while looking or waiting for the or a new phone?

I've paid 90 gold so far . Still have about 130 more gold to pay for my phone I'm buying with gold on ebay. It shows I paid 90 on the phone installment in the nuvo app. When I pay the rest nuvo will buy it. If it's sold out by then I guess I can buy a different phone...

Me too 90 gold paid/deducted. Will pay remain next week for bestbuy Motorola phone

Please keep us posted!

Hello!, Somewhat off topic, but I was able to purchase a Sim card from Red pocket using cellnuvo gold. It took a week to arrive, 10$ plan included.

Interesting... how exactly did you buy it? Did you use the pay redpocket option in the app? What did you enter in the account number if so? Is that just the $9.99 sim on their website? Do you have a link to the one you bought? Or did you email cellnuvo support to do it?

And you say it came with the plan - the $10 essential plan?

Sorry for all the questions but it would help new customers get started without any initial cost.

I emailed CellNuvo support first asking if I could buy a sim card using gold, they said yes to that. I had to make a new account with redpocket and then give the sign in info over to cellnuvo, after that they asked me for a shipping address and my nuvo account number. The plan i chose was the T-Mobile 10$ 500/500/500. They deducted the gold the same day I ordered it. The Sim card was included with the plan. Thought I let the cellnuvo rep know I placed a 10 gold payment under the phone installment plan in the store.

Added note I inputted my own cellnuvo account number on the account number section.

Okay so you did it via the phone installment option after talking to support and paid just 10 gold everything? That is great news. Thanks for sharing.

How long did it take in all to get it?

Very clever! Wish I thought of that before spending my own mullah on the Redpocket AT&T sim.

I submitted the request last Sunday I think. I just got the SIM in today, all I had to do was activate it and it was ready to go.

Thanks, generousfox! Starting a new RP plan from scratch, funded by CN Gold, has definitely been one of the missing links for new RP/CN customers. I hope this method is repeatable!

Kente I agree.

Did anyone receive their order? Have those orders even been paid for yet? Just curious. Some news would be nice.

Nope, I ordered 03/20, no device, not even new information since then.

NotMeAgain ordered a week earlier, I think no info for him either.

Not even a reply on a bundle from Support. I asked like 2 or 3 times

I have been swiping my phone like my ass and made about 40 golds since they announced this phone purchase program. Let's hope that this is not a scam.

You know it is not a scam. I was able to redeem for tmobile and redpocket.

As far as swiping. You are correct it is harder. But I remember telling you way back when the times when swiping was good. You refused because you believed the trolls. When they told you it was a scam.

Now to get the phone you want. You do not have enough gold.

Who's fault is it?

I hope you get a great phone.

You would of made 100 gold for the same amount of time you spent getting 40

We all hope cellnuvo raises silver per ads.