Stylo 3 Gratitude, comments & question.

Hi Folks.
After beating my old head against the cyber wall a bit too much someone who is really, really cool & helpful offered to buy a Stylo 3 via the prior Cricket sale for me, unlock it & ship it to me on trust.

Almost too much for me to take in !!
It is not a frequent experience in my life for someone to step up and offer such kind help unasked & in such an amazingly trusting manner.

So here is the most important part - gratitude:[color=purple]
Thank You.
This world needs more gracious willingness to hel like yours..

I have been 'saved' from further exposure to the crocket monolith & got the phone too - Phew !!
(Name omitted in respect to privacy, the one who helped is sure to see this & know that my appreciation is sincere.)

This is a gorgeous phone !!
Nice big screen, huge replaceable battery, has the niftyLG KnockOn feature + others, and even despite all the goodies, is still thin & very light.

This newer phone is even nicer than the LG Risio 2 which I got for a song at the big, ugly, mostly yellow box store which currently uses TF, temporarily.

The fingerprint scanner is already disabled; biometric things in electronics give me the creeps !!

SuccessOne posted this very helpful video in the thread where this phone was mentioned before:

Here is another by the same presenter:

(There seems to be quite a few other videos about hidden features which this phone may have...)

Lastly, my query:
I see several different phone brands & models that are GSM + CDMA & that fascinates me, BUT it also makes me wonder if they can do both & sort of switch between them like a dual SIM phone does, or how exactly is that feature used ??

My bottom line remains te same with regards to the company I now call crocket:
If, and ONLY if goodies from them go on sale at a 3rd party store where I can walk in, buy & walk out with it - great, else I will not be tempted by their bogus online only offers again.

I hope everyone else here is having a happy day as I am having today !!

Fantastic! A very kind act by that forum member

That was quick too.

Thanks for replying Mmfacemm; I agree completely.
Thanks Again Mmfacemm !!
No worries & my ancient mechanical KB needn't worry either as it just makes me proof read everything I do more carefully, but:
Sometimes it pulls a real sneaky trick like it did this time that makes me look like an even worse typist than I already am...certainly most folks will know right away that I intended 'help' rather than 'hel' up there^ !!

I'm glad you got your Stylo 3, Et_Z!

Is your GSM/CDMA question related to the Stylo? If so....
I've read some about the LG phones that were designed as "world" phones, and have both CDMA and GSM capabilities, blocked by the firmware. Once both are 'made visible', it is possible to load either Sprint CDMA or GSM SIMs-- some folks say they can switch back and forth at will, and some folks say loading CDMA will force you to do the 'unhide' again before going back to GSM. (It may depend what process was used to unlock the GSM function.)

But, of course, there's a catch-- the whitelist problem. If you start with a Sprint phone, and un-hide the GSM option, you can use either Sprint or GSM SIM: but probably not Verizon. If you start with a GSM model, like the Cricket Stylo 3, I don't know whether the CDMA function is there to unhide, but it probably makes no difference, since it's certainly not whitelisted on either Sprint or Verizon.

Thanks KentE !!
Yes, I saw reference to that in its specs & had no idea what to make of it.

Mostly I was thinking about the Redpocket abilities to use various networks, but also my plan is to use it on their at&t based SIM whilst also keeping my separate Twigby phone that I am very happy with.

This set up covers as much of our rural area as is possible.

My only thought aside of the above was if maybe the same phone might be able to easily switch back & forth to use both types of networks...but I actually like having the 2 separate phones best;
They are both made by LG too, of course !!

We have some very kind people on this forum. Thanks for letting us know about their good deeds as they would not be tooting their own horns.