Stumbled across a way to get the app earning credits on two devices

I tried out a new phone the other day and part of the set up process allowed me to connect my old phone to my new phone with a USB cable and basically copy across apps and other data. At the end of the process I had the same identical setup on the new phone as I had on the old phone. Including the cellnuvo app was copied exactly and active on both devices. I confirmed the app credited silver on both to the same account.

The new phone was a pixel and the old a nexus. Not sure if this was a pixel feature. Both also had usb-C so I was able to connect both together using a usb-c to usb-c cable.

I sold the pixel in the end (not worth the money!) but I had the app crediting silver on two devices for a while. Not sure if cellnuvo fraud protection will block something like this so attempt at your own risk.

It must have coped whatever token stays with the activated app.

You should have left the app and tell the new owner to keep swiping. :slight_smile: