Stranger Still

Just when you think you have heard just about everything and there may not be anything new under the sun, alongs come an incident that negates such musings.

So...assuming that a DNA test may help the (abusive ?? overly aggressive ??) sperm donor to be pinned down, then the question may become:
Who will get the child support checks ??

This occurance points at an answer to a situation we've wondered about here...
We've got neighbors who could be said to exist in a continuous & persistent vegetative state & live totally via state support - yet they keep pooping out babies.

Looks like all of the above proves beyond any reasonable doubt that even in the absence of actively useful consciousness that conception, gestation & birth are really quite possible.

Two cases of unimmaculate conception, or un something. In the first case, the perpetrator will undoubtedly go to jail or a mental institution convicted of some version of rape, and the child will likely be adopted and hopefully thrive and move beyond the dark cloud it was born within. In the second case, since it seems to be written in stone that anyone has the right to have as many children as they want, let's hope these children can withstand their dysfunctional beginnings, as some do, and live a much better life than their parents. In a perfect world.....

14 years in vegetative state?!? I ask the parents, what's the point?!? Who's picking up the tab at this nursing home?

Well said:

Makes one wonder at what qualifies as 'evidence of life' - as well as at what point it will be better to move such a person into some sort of 'transitional' (as in hospice ??) care for those who are unlikely to ever wake up again.

Quality of life is very important.
Speaking personally as someone who has passed the threshold of SS age - I have no desire to remain among the living if my abilities to see, hear, care for myself & get around safely under my own cognizance & power have left me.
Living in an area where this can be one's choice legally is a good thing IMO.

It's, like many things, complicated by individual beliefs. Medical technology can keep people breathing who cannot breath on their own, feed people via tubes who can't eat on their own, and so on. Hence the importance of advance directives for healthcare and durable power of attorney being created by people when they are able to do so, along with the naming of people they can trust to enact their medical desires when they can no longer do so themselves. This would go a long way in avoiding the conflicts that arise when the nearest of kin or others, without ever being designated by anyone, choose to keep or not keep the person alive by extraordinary means, with perhaps only a a one in a million chance of the person not dying. The cost of hope deciding to use extraordinary means in the belief that a person will be the chosen one, against all odds, is enormous. But it's still the right of individuals to determine the fate of their healthcare, no matter the cost to others.

"You have a constitutional right to direct your health care, and individual states may not infringe upon that basic right. That means your essential health care wishes -- such as whether or not you want to receive life-sustaining treatment when close to death -- should be honored from state to state, whether or not your documents precisely comply with state law."

If the below article is correct, we can change your 14 years in a vegetative state to 26, or since the woman was 3 years old, which makes things stranger still.

This story is so shocking and tragic. I hope the perpetrator is found and severely punished.

Draft a living will before it's too late!

Phoenix police arrest nurse at Hacienda HealthCare in rape investigation

[i]"Phoenix police have arrested Nathan Sutherland, a 36-year-old nurse at Hacienda HealthCare facility, alleging he committed sexual assault in the rape of an incapacitated woman at the center."

"The Phoenix police crime lab on Tuesday determined a DNA sample taken from Sutherland matched the baby. He was then taken into custody."[/i]

Hacienda HealthCare closing facility where patient was raped and gave birth

Should see if the owners open another facility under a different name... closing may just be a way to avoid/limit their liability... who knows how many others were violated.

Arizona facility where patient was raped and gave birth will stay open after state steps in

"installed 30 internal cameras to capture all common areas and entrances and exits from the building."

Why was this not in place previously? This speaks to the owners' negligence.