Store is updated

Pay cell bills or amazon, not sure if it is working yet, only shows 0 gold purchase.

Tried to purchase amazon gift code but not possible to input amount of gold I want to use.

Thanks for the update, I see those changes too. Progress!

I did not badmouth cellnuvo, I made only constructive suggestions, and I swiped 60 golds during this dire situation... then how come I cannot use my golds?

I see it too. I thought it would be mainly the big four since these are done by bills. Not sure how they will be able to do it for paygo providers and mvnos since they are usually paid by credit cards or paypal in advance. I imagine it would be easy to add Ting since they are similar with billing to the big four. Hopefully there are some more options for those who don't have a lot of gold. Once amazon integration is added then you can buy redpocket, mintsim and speedtalk annual plans starting at $60. They also have tracfone airtime and various other prepaid airtime cards.

Did you update your app?

What version of the app are you seeing this on?

Go to app, Settings, Account Info, Refresh. Wait ~30 seconds. Then, go to Store.

Hmm, I see the options. I thought CN was going to roll out an updated app at Google Store to do this. If this does eventually work then I can just picture many cashing out, especially with the Amazon thing (if it works).

So it seems the current app version (2.61) 'Store" is engineered to allow such changes without a new app update-- nice.

Thanks. I forgot about doing that and hadn't done so in a few weeks.

It worked - of course.

I imagine the new app will have an additional section to input account details to pay the bills. When it is eventually launched of course.

thank you jamielih, but serious, what good does this do? The most useful and relevant solution is to team up with tello paygo, and if cellnuvo cannot even make that come true, how can one expect it to do much more complicated tasks?

paying big four? It is not going to happen. The cashflow is impossible, and most cheapskates are not interested. Personally, I am not going to swipe 30 golds every month for a postpaid service. The administration burden is huge because most people would lag behind and the accounts will be on and off all the time. Think about the communication between cellnuvo and any big four.

to make payments to any other vendor would be exceedingly difficult too. The cellnuvo portal has to match a vendor's portal in terms of information in order to execute the payment smoothly, otherwise cellnuvo has to input order manually. For example, if I want to pay tello paygo, I will have to provide certain information, and cellnuvo has to customize its portal so that I could fill in the information in cellnuvo, and cellnuvo will feed tello such information along with its business credit card to make payment on my behalf. for each vendor, cellnuvo will have to customize its portal to make accommodation. I don't see how can cellnuvo do this.

Instead of going to big four, redpocket is a bigfour derivative, which happens to be more affordable. If cellnuvo cannot make the payment arrangement work with redpocket, how is it going to make it work with others? If people are willing to pay big four, they might be willing to pay redpocket too, so why bother to go to big four?

Going back to Tello suggestion, it is a lot easier. and most people here have compatible phones already. Because paygo lasts for a long time, cellnuvo can even make payments for us manually. Why quit the chicken and go after a tiger when you are starving?

Mark my words, what cellnuvo proposed regarding bigfour is absurd and it would not come true.

The Amazon idea is great though. if tello and redpocket have cards for sale on amazon, we can actually buy it through cellnuvo portal so long as cellnuvo portal can automatically communicate with amazon system. I can image this... every product in Amazon has a special code which I should put in cellnuvo portal before I click purchase, the payment information rendered by cellnuvo along with my shipping address will be submitted to amazon. This can be done with tello and redpocket too, but they have to have a system to accept such information from Cellnuvo and provide cellnuvo members the product such as gift codes that can be applied to their tello or cellnuvo accounts.

That is why it would not work. I am wiling to take one gold for 50 cents if cellnuvo issues me a gift card or check.

I'm not able to get to the store at all after following these steps. On this thread, there appear to be about 6 or so people who have succeeded with this method, but did anyone have to sign in with activation code before doing the steps to get to the store?

Hungry-Hog, last week I posted similar comments. Specifically, the way the infamous CellNUVO email says "within the store select your carrier, then enter your account number" is a huge Red Flag that the email is complete BS!

Listen. The app already has our email address. Anybody here use the Ibotta, Shopkick, etc apps? When we cash out with them, it's an email with a code. Nothing having to do with my or account number. Same as when I just buy an airtime card at the grocery store -- it's a code (behind a scratchoff) for me to know, not an account number for the (grocery store) facillitator of the transaction to know.

Anybody wanna guess the likelihood that CellNUVO hasn't talked to any of these entities (MVNOs, Amazon, etc) yet? Cuz they woulda told him the gist of the above paragraph. Sorry.

Amazon has the "amazon incentives" program and cellnuvo could integrate that into their systems. You redeem for a gift card and it is sent straight to your amazon account. That is one way they could do it.

And anyone can pay for your cell bill at the big four with minimal info. Name and phone number and account number. You might not even need the account number.

Really there isn't much that is difficult here. Nothing that isn't believable here other than the ability to choose any provider to pay. I don't see how it will work for prepaids. As well as whether they can manage everyone cashing out when they please.

I had to force close the app then re-launch it to get the new options in the store.

I agree with part of this, and disagree with part. I agree that personal data is protected a lot more by this scenario, when it's a feasible payment method for the provider.

This only works if a carrier (or other 'partner') is set up to provide service by refill or 'gift' cards. Most are not. As an example, I don't believe Tello accepts scratch-off cards.

I expect that we'll learn that there will be limitations to where this works, and how it works. I imagine that CN will be trying to figure it out, and hasn't yet figured out all the stumbling blocks that will prevent it from working everywhere they'd like.

(1) i fill in the product name in cellnuvo portal and click purchase.

(2) cellnuvo submits order with its credit card information and my shipping address.

(3) cellnuvo deducts golds from my account and I receive the merchandise.

In terms of phone service, the product is an airtime e-card and my shipping address is my email address. I prefer tello, some prefer redpocket, not many will choose big four. This can be done manually or with some portal modification automatically. If cellnuvo is not willing or can't do this type of standard business transaction, nothing else can be true.

Im still on ver. 2.59, and the store got updated.