Still Wondering What Ever Happened to Oldbooks1

I've Googled him, a time or two, but he seems to have disappeared from the web.

Hopefully that's the only place he's disappeared from.

Has anyone had any contact with him?

Did he previously have a web presence?

I recall seeing his "handle" on the occasional forum but don't see it, anymore.

Maybe he's in "Witness Protection". :wink:

Quite a while after Oldbooks1 stopped posting here, I traded PMs with him through this forum-- so at that point at least, he was sometimes checking in here.

Short version, and hope I"m not violating any confidences .... Oldbooks1 had gotten very involved with helping users on a carrier-specific forum, where he was enjoying putting together his knowledge of iPhones, and Sprint-network peculiarities to assist other users. I don't know if he also managed to inject his economic theories and wry humor into that forum. :slight_smile:

Also member classical_music was I believe the first to find cellnuvo after ringplus

Glad to hear that he had a soft landing someplace else.

Thanks for the update, Kent!

The last contact I had with him was just shy of two years ago during his first disappearance from the forum, and he said he had been reading a pile of old books( literally) and was planning a big trip. So wherever he is, I'm sure he's reading.

Yes that is how i remember it.

He also received quite a bit in refferals

Can't be... as the founder of this site, hungryghost would have to be the first. ;p

Or perhaps @ultimate-lavendar-houndstooth-gladiator-54876 (AKA @UltimateGladiator)?