Sprint's stupid locking

How dumb, haha.

Bought a Xs Max off Swappa that's supposedly a paid-off Sprint model but I am not sure. Any of you guys with Xs/Max can tell me which IMEI is registered with your carrier especially if your carrier is Sprint? Thanks

IMEI shows:
Swappa: financed
Sprint: Sprint service already activated - This phone has already been activated for Sprint service
Ting: Sorry, this phone can’t be activated right now. This device has not reached financial eligibility
Tello: Oops! Your IMEI might not be correct or your phone is not Tello compatible

IMEI2 shows:
Swappa: ready to be activated
Sprint: <website don't give a response>
Ting: Great news! Your phone is compatible with Ting!
Tello: Awesome! Your phone wants to join Tello!

Why are there two IMEIs and what different purposes do they serve?

IMEI is the primary IMEI corresponding with the physical sim slot, IMEI2 is the secondary IMEI corresponding with the eSIM