Sprint Unlimited Plus


  • TV streaming with Hulu (same as UB)
  • Music streaming with TIDAL (UP only)
  • 50GB LTE Mobile Hotspot (instead of 500MB LTE on UB)
  • HD Video Streaming up to 1080p (instead of 480p DVD-quality on UB)
  • Unlimited talk, text and 10GB LTE on Canada/Mexico Roaming (instead of 5GB LTE on UB)
  • Global text and data roaming in more than 200 worldwide destinations (same as UB)

$24/mo/line if you get 5 lines... any competitors out there match/beat?

PEW, what is the 'UB' mentioned in several items?

From the SD page it seems to mean"Unlimited Basic".

"Sprint now offer Unlimited Plus plan with AutoPay at $120/mo. for 5 lines. You are require to BYOD or pay for full SRP phone to avail the offer. It seems there is no mention on the T&C for this promo to be change to a higher price once you have it, unlike the Unlimited Basic promo which the price will increase after 1/31/2020.

Adding taxes and fees, it will be $30/month per line. Only worth it if you have great Sprint coverage and stay there.

I have pretty good Sprint coverage. For the right person, the combination of high-cap hotspot, Mexico/Canada/International sounds attractive. I think it's a bargain, although it's way more plan than I need.

I just wished I liked Sprint and cmda. We had Sprint for close to 10 years. I did not know any better till I met you guys. Gsm for me

Convergence is happening between 3GPP (GSM) and 3GPP2 (CDMA), since 3GPP2 abandoned its own 4G standards in favor of 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE). Once CDMA is sunset, only 3GPP standards will remain. How quickly Sprint will sunset CDMA likely depends on when/if merger with T-Mobile is approved. I will be shocked if this process is not well underway within the next 5 years.

We had Nextel and it was bought and practically shelved by Sprint

I hope TMobile does not merge with sprint

Nextel was so reliable with its 800mhz, I had high hopes for Sprint after the merger, but it took forever for Sprint to start utilizing 800mhz..

Optics speaks volumes. When o went to a Sprint store asking for Nextel. The 3 phones were in the back with the bathroom covered in dust