Sprint - T-mobile merger complete 1 April 2020


Although things for Sprint and T-Mobile users will remain the same for now, I noticed about a week ago and found it interesting that T-Mobile data speeds in my area are significantly less than they used to be whilst Sprint data speeds are10x what they had been in the past. So go figure. The extra Tello data allotments are coming in handy during the second power outage this week. Yes, keep things as they are for now.

Prep for those price increases now.

Best April Fools joke of all !!

My Sprint phone used to have poor signal at home due to my location. Now, it seems to be always on Roaming on T-Mobile when I am at home - which is mostly nowadays. Looks like the rule on roaming on T-Mo has changed. I am getting much better service.

Should be interesting to see the Dish offerings.


Sprint destroyed Nextel in the history books. Wiped them from history

I'm still getting 0.5Mbps. I guess good enough in sprint's eyes not to switch me over to tmo :frowning:

Native T-mo (via Mint) still sucks almost everywhere I frequent, just as it has for years.
Native Sprint (via Tello) is pretty solid, haven't noticed any change positive or negative.

Would be happy to see t-mo become a viable option.

My problem with Sprint has been that the data speed is too FAST. (Usually around 20Mbps)

When I stream Hulu with that much bandwidth it'll use 1.75GB for a one hour show.

I keep my Sprint phones in 3G mode (typically around 1.75Mbps) to throttle the bandwidth. Hulu will only use about 0.5GB for an hour show and the video quality is almost as good. Very little difference.

... my internet is too fast, first world problems... haha

What happens when you get a 5g phone?

I'll have to use my travel router that allows me to throttle bandwidth to each device.

I have used GL iNet little yellow travel router that you recommended before as my backup connection and it is really solid. I cannot believe that it is only $20.

I agree! I use one in a parallel network that I have, here in my house, and have one in my travel kit. I love how tiny they are-- and they're very versatile!

Perhaps one last thing before the merger in California.

Somehow the state of California has gotten the impression that they outrank every other government in the USA and they-- and only they-- get final say over anything and everything.

It's ridiculous.

California does have a bit of leverage with 40,000,000 people with the 5th largest economy in the world. Maybe it should leave the union.

I'd vote for that.

Me, too. And the Bear Republic could say adios to its only 2 Senators.

So suppose I put my Sprint phone in 3G mode to save data. Then I check my e-mail and surf non-video content on 3G. Will Gmail and other web pages load slower?