Sprint / Sprint MVNO eligibility

Out of interest, I wanted to see if my Nexus 6 was eligible for the Sprint 1 year unlimited promo.

The IMEI failed the Sprint checker regardless of whatever phone number I put with it (including a Verizon postpaid).

I logged into a dormant Ting account where I saw my Nexus 6 was in the deactivated account list. I deleted it and went back to the checker. It still failed.

I let a few hours pass and then decided to put my Sprint sim in the phone and dialed ##72786##. I went back to the Sprint checker and my Nexus 6 is now eligible for the unlimited Sprint plan!

After my failed Virgin mobile attempts I am considering trying the sprint 1 year free again. I did try it when it first launched but they had launched it prematurely then pulled the offer - it really messed me up. Anyway it seems very stable now. The one real perk of a sprint account is the ability to unlock phones. I have a couple I'd like to unlock and get away from sprint!

To clarify, your Nexus 6 has not been active anywhere else since it was last used on Ting?

It's not been on Sprint or any other Sprint MVNO.

It has been on freedompop (AT&T LTE SIM), both before and after I deactivated it from Ting.

I didn't really use Ting. I had a freedompop sim ready to use before RingPus went burst.

The weird thing is that the number it is showing is not the number of the Ting account I went into and deleted it from!

I have an iPhone 5S that was with Tello until I switched the service to a new phone. I'm trying to figure out if the 5S is compatible with Sprint (not the one year free plan, just Sprint service.) Sprint customer service hasn't been great, phone, online, or in person.

Is there a reason to believe that the phone may not be accepted by Sprint even if it is compatible with Sprint MVNOs?

Thank you

I looked at Sprint and my phone would work.

However, one has to provide a Social Security number to qualify for the offer.

Obviously Sprint can impose any requirement is wishes, but that is a major difference with the Virgin Mobile deal.