Sprint Post Paid?

Anyone going Sprint Post Paid?

That's an excellent question. Given the alternatives, why would anyone even consider Sprint (postpaid)?

To unlock a phone? That is a minor advantage since sprint phones are a pain to unlock.

:lol: Sarcasm? :lol:

Actually, it was seriously considered in one or two iPhone cases where the US Reseller Flex Policy had locked the device. Of course, the intent was to stay just for the minimum period.

In terms of long-term use, one expert member had organized a group on Sprint and presented a detailed analysis of the costs there on Social. Even with the recent changes by the other Tier 1 carriers, it still is probably attractive for a group especially if it can be combined with a deal on phones. Of course, being in a strong Sprint coverage area is essential. Clearly not for everyone, but for some, it is a real option.

Yes you join sprint so you can leave them... :silly: :silly: