Spoke to SurgePhone customer service. Not impressed

What can I say, I love free cell phone service so I looked into surgephone, the newest one. I believe in first impressions, and the impression I got from my phone call with surgephone CS was decidedly under-whelming. Either their CS is incompetent, or their free plan offering is useless, or maybe it's a combination of both.

According to the guy (who BTW had very poor English language comprehension skills and could barely speak grammatically-correct English) we need to call their 800 number every month to top up our plans. Apparently even the free plan needs to be topped up, which is puzzling, to say the least.

He did say that nothing needs to be done with the moolah app every month, just downloading it on to your phone is enough. But I don't know if I am willing to take his word for it.

There's an activation fee of 10 dollars that needs to paid upfront. He didn't answer one way or the other about whether they accept prepaid credit cards for payment - I think he didn't understand the concept of prepaid credit cards.

According to him the company doesn't keep any credit card or debit card info on file. Again, I don't know if I can trust him on this, because their web site clearly states that surgephone will charge $10 per month for the free plan at their discretion if they determine that the app isn't active.

So all in all, not impressed.

Why does the implementation of free cell service seem so hard for every company?

Privacy.com works. Set yourself a limit and you will be fine. Just don't port your main number to them.

But I agree their CS didn't leave me with a good impression either. But free is free right lol.

I am afraid and currious what their app does?

If it's not showing ads I don't understand. How they would make money? Price scam radar it up. But I could be wrong.

Data mining.