Split The Pot Bug

This happened to me, the other day, so I tried it again, tonight, and was able to repeat it:

If you're actively swiping exactly at the time of the game change (8pm Eastern) you will lose your ability to get 20 entries for the drawing.

The very first ad, after the changeover, will say "0/20" instead of "19/20".

And there's no way to get back in the game. Clearing cache and forcing closed won't do it.

You're out of luck until the next day's drawing.

Like I said-- I did it once, accidentally, and the second time, intentionally. It's repeatable and should be fixed.

The upside is that if you are in the middle of a big match game then you will keep on playing whilst others are busy with their 20 split entries. Might mean a big match win instead.

If you clear data and sign back in it refreshes the game and you can do the entries for the day. But that is a lot of hassle. Yes it has happened to me several times too. I just don't swipe any more at 7.59pm eastern for a minute or two. But really it should be something that can be fixed.

I posted about this same bug about a month ago


Seems like exactly what you are describing. If you read forward in the the above thread I also pointed out some other weirdness I noticed when it happened to me. I just avoid swiping for a couple minutes around game reset time