Speedtalk Unlimited everything plan. $35!

[strike]Speedtalk mobile has an unlimited talk, text and data plan for $35 on t-mobile. Sounds good.

Their terms are very open though as to what they can do if they judge you to be using too much or in a way that is not good for speedtalk and speedtalk customers.

But for $35 you might as well give it a shot if you are looking for unlimited data eg lost your 4gcommunity line.

Last one under 'special plans'[/strike]

No no no it is unlimited 2g speeds only!!! no high speed

Wow, nice. But what does unlimited mean?

For $35 it would be interesting to see if using 40 or 50Gb a month would be considered too much. If not, this would be a great deal, particularly on T Mobile. At worst, one wouldn't be out much. I would assume that tethering is allowed, but wonder if there is a limit on how much.

The terms of service do seem to lack details.

These telecom companies should begin using "unlimited reasonable use" in place of "unlimited", and define "reasonable" as whatever they say it is at any time and place, to be clear.

Exactly. Speedtalk's Terms and Conditions say nothing about deprioritization thresholds, network priority based on plan etc.

unlimited 2g means unlimited 2g, it will be horrible from the first byte.

Yeah--and don't send an unusually high number of messages over that 2g or Speedtalk will deem you "unreasonable".:slight_smile:

It says plan covers unlimited MB 2g 3g 4g LTE data.

I may be wrong, but I read this to mean unlimited 2g.

I agree that part is badly worded but there are other references throughout clearly indicating 4g LTE

There's no indication that anything other than 2G is unlimited. What am I missing?

[strike]Are you just messing with me? Look at the two pictures.[/strike]

I take it all back.

2g/3g/lte connection at 2g speeds (throttled).

. . . unlimited 2G.

The lack of details in the ST unlimited plan description reminds of the vagueness contained in some plan descriptions set forth at R+. Maybe someone on another forum is on this unlimited plan and could provide us with the details.

I just received official confirmation that it is really just 2g data speeds :S

That is terrible value. Their unlimited talk and text with no data is $15 so they value unlimited 2g at $20! Yikes.

You can get a better plan from TPO for $7.99 plus tax. Unlimited talk and text plus 100mb lte and unlimited 2g.