Speedtalk 1 year deal

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Unlimited talk, text and 2 GB LTE [ebay.com] $96
500 Talk, Unlimited text and 1 GB LTE [ebay.com] $59.40
Unlimited Talk, Text and Data w/ 3 GB LTE [ebay.com]$149.40

Thanks, that was a quick removal, not sure what happened.

This deal was removed for not meeting our quality standards." This came up when link was followed, whatever it means.

Here's the ebay link for the $96 plan.

Memorial Day Sale 40% off until midnight 5/27

Example listings:



That is some very competitive pricing, from the bottom to the top of the range.
A nice range, from glovebox phone (250 of talk or text or mb, for $36 annual), up to that $150 annual 3gb plan.

Some good deals on short-term SIMs, too, but some have relatively high shipping costs.

These are an interesting find. Good alternative to RedPocket. Two questions come to mind --

Do these have an activate-before date? (Like MINT needs to be activated within 45 days).

And if they don't need to be activated for say, a year, then the question becomes - will Speedtalk be around for another year?

I don't know when SpeedTalk started-- I know it's been over 2 years.
SpeedTalk has been aggressive about trying new things-- adding carriers & special rates, focusing on IOT and GPS devices, smartwatches, PayGo,etc. I don't know how much impact it has on their bottom line, but it does indicate that they're seeking out alternative niches, which might bode well for survival.

I'm curious about the activation period, too-- the $5.40 (+$4 shipping) 1-month SIM would make an interesting emergency device for traveling, since I don't have long-term T-Mobile service. (Tuck the card away in my backpack, and only activate it when needed.-- the rub is needing to find internet access to activate it.)

So, having looked at their listing...is the underlying service AT&T - and will their services work with an AT&T phone - or is it T-Mobile & only for unlocked phones ??
Their verbiage seems a bit vague...

The allotment is per month or for entire year?

The verbiage certainly is vague regarding carrier! I'm pretty sure the SIM deals are T-Mobile only. SpeedTalk used to be T-Mobile only, but I believe they dabbled with Verizon and maybe Sprint on specific plans-- but not AT&T.

lexusl21-- it varies. The listings are usually pretty clear when you look at them, either noting that the allotments renew monthly, or that they're annual allotments. I think all of the plans linked in this thread are monthly allotments, but they do have some ultra-low yearly-allotment plans for those who only need occasional phone use (PayGo and Rollover plans with extended duration.)

The discounted plans are available straight from the SpeedTalk website now, too. Use the discount code listed on the front page:
SpeedTalk Mobile Affordable Wireless Service and Prepaid Sim Cards, And GMS Cards..

Their website gives the impression that it's AT&T -- but the ebay listing specifies that the network is T-Mobile.

On Howard Forum, user Qt0 says the SpeedTalk answered his/her inquiry by saying that the SIMs do not have an expiration date. Another user had mentioned that the website, somewhere, says 1 year.

I asked what company they use.

Great Question,We do utilize T-Mobile (GSM-T) network in our service and coverage, and we receive the usage records from their network switches directly.
Thank You

What is their voicemail? Call in or virtual voicemail app?

Question I asked on ebay to speedtalk. Good deal if they are in biz a year from now

buy via rakuten with code save15 for a further 15% off


Personally I feel the pricing is too aggressive to be a mere sale and it worries me about their longevity. But might be worth the risk especially if you use google voice.

I purchased, via Paypal, the unlimited T&T + 2gb plan on Rakuten for $88( incl. CA tax) + free shipping---so about $7.30 monthly. I use GV, so not worried about number. A little risky yes, but Speedtalk has been around a while and I used its service in the past without problems. I don't want to keep all my phone eggs in one basket(FreeUp) and this will help me to avoid doing so. And the 2GBs are nice to have. T-mobile works well where I live.

***Forgot to mention, though the deals expire soon, in order to get the SAVE15 15% off at checkout, one must create a Rakuten account first so the coupon can be applied at checkout, for you cannot do so checking out as a guest. Plus-- by joining Rakuten, new members get $10 cash back on their first order over $25 dollars, so essentially $78 for the one year deal.