Something Strange

I just finished swiping for my first 20 for tomorrows Split-The-Pot and had not 1, not 2, not 3, but 17 Ibotta ads in a row!! the 18th ad was something else, I don't remember what it was. The last 2 were Ibotta ads. I always do at least a couple more to be sure and get the extra silver and both of those were Ibotta ads. It took just about 1 minute total to get the first 20!!! I went on to swipe for a while longer to see what woud happen and the rest was the usual mix of ads.

The funny thing is that I already use Ibotta, and it is well worth it. I learned about it from........... Wait for it............. A cellNuvo ad a while back!!!!

Wow, that's quite the coincidence -- guess I oughta try Ibotta! :slight_smile:

That is indeed rare. I did not have the same experience (had a mix of ads). Now, Ibotta is another great way to save if you are okay with sending in your purchase receipts for those items that have an offer. Since I started using it consistently (about 4 months), I have made $257. I'd say, go for it!

Could one of you give me/us the 60-second ibotta primer?

I like it when my phone gets 'stuck' receiving the same short ad over and over, if it continues past the initial 20 swipes. Happened to me a couple of nights ago (not ibotta), and it helped me win 2 match pots in a row. Not huge ones, but around 700 silver more than made up for the pile of 1 silver ads.