Some great advice - cheap vs frugal

[i]If you’re cheap, then you might be wasting your time

Cheap people are driven by saving money regardless of the cost; frugal people are driven by maximizing total value, including the value of their time[/i]

Simpatico, simpatico, how do I count thy ways. Sounds like my wife, who is frugal, while I just agree with her. A level headed article.

Google shopping was originally called "Froogle".

"Froogle" was a catchy name and a nice attempt to attract shoppers, but, from what little I know, it hasn't been much of a success, then and now. I suppose not many frugal shoppers considered it to be that frugal, nor did the not so frugal shoppers, let alone the cheap ones. Seems as if the Amazon juggernaut just shoved its competitors to the side. But the recent hook up of Google with WalMart and others probably means the battle is still on. One would think with all the data Google has acquired about people, they would know what a "frugal" shopper is all about. Maybe we're a rare species that is not easily pigeon-holed.

Another well known billionaire miser has departed: Frugal billionaire Kamprad was known for driving an old Volvo, recycling tea bags and taking home little packets of salt and pepper from restaurant visits. He was known as “Uncle Scrooge” and “The Miser” in the Swiss village of Epalinges, near Lausanne, where he moved in the 1970s before returning to Sweden a few years ago. He also avoided wearing suits and ties and traveled coach when flying.