Some Boaring News

Many years ago when I was in the woods in Germany, I got an up close and too personal look at some of these scary looking creatures, big tusks and all. Planet of the Boars.

On a much, much smaller scale:

Years ago while hiking early one morning near Sedona, Arizona, I came upon a mother javelina and her babies. I kept my distance, about 15 yards, and just watched them; the mother kept her eye on me the whole time. I never felt like I was in danger as long as I didn't get between the mom and her babies (also a wise practice with many humans, especially strangers). They seemed to be rummaging around for food and having a nice outing, and it was fascinating to see such wildlife up close.

"(also a wise practice with many humans, especially strangers)." Yeah-- once I was standing next to a couple with a new baby and asked it was a boy or girl, and the perturbed father answered that it was a girl and I should have known that from the color of clothes the baby had on. Yikes, he may have been right, but the anger did not seem justified. Wildlife.