Social media intolerance

A very long time ago I was fortunate to get help from the best healer I have ever known in my life.
(I did not say dr. as that is not relevant to what I'll be sharing here...)

He informed me that the misery & pain I had back then was due to food intolerances - to which I replied (as expected) - you mean, allergies ??

Nope, said he, allergies are loads easier to deal with - whereas intolerances are usually stronger and often lead to having to abandon exposure to that which the body cannot tolerate anymore.

Skipping ahead, I will only add from that experience that abandoning that which I was no longer able to tolerate brought me great relief and comfort in areas which had been giving me great pain.
(One example was my very occasional Guinness Stout vs. the terrific & immediate headache; no more for me, thanks.)

In the present I am just about completely certain that I now experience what may be termed 'social media intolerance'.

Mind you, the closest I get to such nonsense (my opinion) is places like this one - but my partner is a fecesbook addict - and if she gets into an argument there with someone, she'll just switch to (the equally brain-free...) pinterest for the rest of that day.

I find that I cannot even LOOK at her screen without my eyes bugging out, teeth grinding and an almost painful NEED to get the cutters and snip the ethernet cable to her PC - and if exposed more than a second or so, I cannot control the urge to growl and snap and have other more animalistic urges towards what that screen may be showing.

Yet, on average - on her non-work days, this woman will spend the entire day with zero attention left for anything or anyone else - she even chases the dog away !!

By way of comparison I am able to merely scoff at the new-agey, airy-fairy, delusional webinars and stuff which (very seldom now) appears there.

I know that I am definitely not some glowing example of humanity's finest specimen - but this irresistable hostility that seemingly just comes over me when exposed to social media even surprises me about myself !!!

Perhaps there needs to be some new acronym for this like SMI, perhaps - or SMIS if it meets the criteria as a syndrome ??

Anybody else here despise & disdain this baloney similarly to myself ??
(No, I'll not seek 'help' for this as I prefer to keep this response just as it is...!)

I hate rather than have intolerance. A big waste of time and a life sucking monster.

What's an Ethernet cable? :wink:

0: the number of people's minds that have ever been changed on Facebook.

4,527,646,387: the number of times someone has ended their post with "AND IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH EVERYTHING I JUST WROTE THEN PLEASE UNFRIEND ME IMMEDIATELY!!!"

I've never had, and probably never will have, a Facebook account. But I am still irked whenever, which is close to always, I am told throughout my internet journeying to sign in with my Facebook account, as if all beings in the universe must have a Facebook account. Love the free speech at 4chan, and GitHub is full of much knowledge, but could use a bit more humor. G+ is not bad, but I don't like the idea of being followed, even if it is only one person.

Hello, E_Z and all!
I think you might have a new business opportunity here, at least after you pick your acronym: therapy animals who could be trained to "pull the plug" when they notice their client is getting upset by what they read online. They could intervene by getting between their client and the computer screen, acting really needy so that the client would have to stop reading whatever was upsetting them, or perhaps in extreme cases, chewing through the ethernet cable (Chelle, what's that again? :-)) to really truly cut the cord.

There's an app for that.

E_Z wrote: "Perhaps there needs to be some new acronym for this like SMI, perhaps - or SMIS if it meets the criteria as a syndrome ??

I think what used to be called CS, "common sense", was able to handle this sort of situation in the past, though its glory days may have receded from the limelight. CSSMI might do it, pronounced sisme.

The animal called my wife already does what you have mentioned, and does so without training or pay, and she is rational enough to just cut the ethernet cable with wire cutters than to chew on it.:unsure:

This thread is great!

Isamorph, you have said these things so well !!:

I totally agree with that sentiment, which clearly illustrates a new (and very low...) level of normalcy bias.

Indeed, but sadly=>

Common sense ain't common any more.

Today we had to go someplace and stopped along the way for some coffee...
Sitting next to our little car in a huge SUckV was a youngish couple with the engine running, windows open a bit (on an over 80F day) and the a/c running as I could actually feel it on my face as I passed by.
Not a sound came from them, and why ??
They were the vehicular version of deadwalkers with their whole attentions given to their little phone screens.

This amuses me in a sad sort of way - folks out to do stuff 'together', yet not even speaking and giving their whole attention to something or someone that is not there with them instead ?!?

We were out & about for a bunch of hours too - and of course saw other iterations of this all over, but funniest of all is that from the time we arose this morning, through 'till now after 10PM, we both had smartphones within easy reach - and never even powered them up once.

Lastly - as far as 'minds changed by fecesbook' - I will only add that amongst the most popular marketing tools for some time now is posting stuff for sale at that horrid site...and why ??

Loads & loads of gullible, heavy duty consumers there 24/7, who'll swallow just about any sort of nonsense & buy just about anything shown there.
(And that is NOT just an opinion, it is easily verifiable.)

I do not generally have strong views on social media one way or another. If someone thinks that is a fun thing to do, then more power to him/her.

I do see it as having some benefits-how else would we know about the great sacrifices those who serve in the Administration make on our behalf?

As to whether social media have changed how people interact, I can see from personal experience how beneficial it has been and how harmful it can be when people are not actively engaged in using social media in the vicinity of others.

Yesterday, morning I was riding a bus from a parking lot to an airport terminal and four people were engaged in such a loud conversation that it was impossible to hear what the person beside me was saying.

Later while having dinner a large group at a distant table were so loud that it made conservation difficult for everyone else in the area.

It both instances I would have wished the groups in question had instead been staring at screens updating their Facebook accounts or buying and selling something rather than sharing their thoughts with those who were not electronically connected with them..


Yes-- social media addiction has reduced noise pollution significantly, although those people driving on the freeway whilst texting and talking on their phones have not contributed. To be fair, I often do not understand what the person sitting next to me is saying even when it is quiet, particularly if I'm staring at my phone. Well, fortunately or unfortunately, we're social beings.

I define 'social' contact as direct, rather than totally proxified communications - so as such:
Even forum posting is not really 'social' by my measure.

Far worse:
When anyone just sits (or stays) ALONE all day long, endlessly staring at a screen, whilst imagining that they have 'friends' on such sites as fecesbook - BUT:
In reality, having no direct, personal contact or even spoken conversation with anyone else...

I consider such a delusional condition to be an illness;
Worst of all IMO, is that such choices are strongly promoted by current conditions.

This is an illness which I prefer not to 'catch', thank you.
(Though making folks quieter is rather enjoyable for my poor hearing in some settings...!)