So much for multicarrier phones - for now...

At a price of $1300+, considering varying 5G capabilities of the versions will not consume much of my time.

Oh yeah, that's (any phone priced over $600) not something I am willing to pay for. For this device, I get it is the latest and greatest. Still, it will likely be overkill for most with perhaps the exception of a good camera which most people tend to use.

As far as the 5G stuff, it will be interesting to see how that plays out. I see the benefits and drawbacks for both and how large/ dence cities will likely benefit from the mmWave while the Rural areas and less populated cities would from the low band stuff.

I will admit it sucks that there does not appear to be one device capable of both. In this case, I would favor the low band option at the sacrifice of supper speeds

Good thing there should be plenty of time for 4G to still be around, so our carrier agnostic phones remains useful. There is also the fact that the 4G speeds more than meet my mobile computing needs.

I was thinking after these age 24 months and goes on sale for <$200 used.

Of course, you're right, PEW.

With so many new frequencies and technologies being introduced, we will see trickle-down of tech into lower price devices, and paying attention to the early releases prepares us for that..

One issue: there may be little incentive for carriers to support anything beyond their own network needs. The mothership carriers have never liked or supported the concept of carrier-agnostic phones, and I imagine they're happy to see new roadblocks to same.

Agreed! And of course, even the same "new" phones, two years later, are often discounted by over 50% since they are no longer the latest and the greatest, which will make them more affordable for us "late adopters". (And by then we might already be up to 7G at the rate tech innovations are going!)