Smooth or bumpy Rte. CN road these days?

Just a curiosity - asking for opinions & impressions here:
How are things, generally with Cellnuvo in recent times ??

Going smoothly ?? Lots of big potholes in this bit of road ?? Intermittent bad sections of road ??

Like I said - just curious - my too-old version of the app doesn't even connect anymore.

Since I've been overly busy with more important concerns for months here - now that some of that stuff has eased up I'm looking at changing my CN account to a different device (or not ??) - hence my query.

No miracles expected of course, but pointers will be very appreciated.

Have not bother opening the app... will do this week, hoping for some high point Valentines surveys and ads.

Slow period for ads but everything is working fine. Plenty of surveys recently and there are some easy app downloads to keep things ticking along. You can still spend your gold and they process them within the time they specify. I won split the pot the other day so that was a nice $4.50 prize. Nothing new to report hence why everything appears quiet.

My monthly payment requests have gone through with no problems for the past 9 months (although there was, briefly, an issue getting Boost Mobile to accept CN's payment protocol, which fortunately got resolved before my next payment was due). However, even with lots of different VPN locations, turning VPN on and off, doing all the usual tricks like clearing the cache, force-stopping the app, and getting new Google ad IDs, it's been very slow going for the past month or two as far as getting any significant silver to speak of. Other than a few surveys that pop up from time to time, it can take all day to earn 1 gold, so I've given up on that ambitious goal for awhile until the payout rate increases.

That said, with plenty of accrued gold on each of my two accounts, I can afford to wait things out. It's been incredibly nice to have my wife's phone bill covered by CN gold for 9 months in a row, so for me it's been well worth the (swiping) effort, and I hope CN will survive and thrive for a long time!

I haven't been able to earn more than a few hundred silver since the app updated to 3.xx, and literally zero silver in the last 6 months.

That said, I'm on a rooted Android device running 4.2.2 (an outdated operating system) with as many google play/services/framework components disabled as possible. Essentially, I don't have a google ad ID. This might be why I don't get any ads via th CN app anymore.

I'm sitting on a stockpile of 500+ gold that I earned in the "good old days" before CN screwed over Sprint and thus lost a bunch of users' numbers, prior to partnering with RedPocket. My intent is to simply pay my RP bills with CN gold for the next few years, then figure something else out when I need to.

I rely on my cell service for my job, and CN really F'ed me over with their shenanigans. On the order of thousands of dollars. I wrote to CN customer support and even reached out to Tom directly... and he never even apologized (neither he or the CN support at the time even replied to me).

I mention all of this because I want to establish that I am NOT a CellNuvo fanboy by any means. With all that backstory out there... I've had ZERO problems paying for my RedPocket service via CellNuvo for about a year now, even when I've changed plans. CN revamped the support system a while ago and they've been extremely responsive ever since.

I never receive my bonus % credit (silver/gold) that they offered to users to make amends for screwing customers over... but I'm not surprised.

TL;DR: CN has definitely improved since its inception, and it seems to work for some users. I'm more-or-less grandfathered in due to existing balance and swipe a few times per month just to confirm that ads remain non-functional for me. Payments ARE solidly functional, but I have no useful input regarding earning potential.

Also, congrats on making me come out of lurking for many months.

All I get is this 1 silver ad...

amintoodeep writes: "That said, I'm on a rooted Android device running 4.2.2 (an outdated operating system) with as many google play/services/framework components disabled as possible. Essentially, I don't have a google ad ID. This might be why I don't get any ads via th CN app anymore."

That is why, as has been pointed out in this forum several times..

amintoodeep writes: "I rely on my cell service for my job, and CN really F'ed me over with their shenanigans. On the order of thousands of dollars. "

I don't doubt that the CN problem caused you to lose income. It's been pointed out before that it's never wise to trust your livelihood to a lower-tier provider without a workable fallback plan. Doing so is to risk being hoist by one's own petard.

Maybe best to cash out and try free up

The shenanigans are in the past. Many of us moved on. The extra 10% I received helped with the pain for me yes some got hurt because of their phone number. But you also have to take some responsibility. I remember almost losing my number with ringplus fiasco. Learning from that mistake I ported my number over to Google voice. So when cellnuvo had issues. It did not affect me.

A family member that uses their phone for business. Only goes direct to the carrier. No resellers.

If I were to look for my petard where might I find it?

They're easier to find by their absence, following a big bang and finding yourself laying stunned in an unexpected position. At least in my experience.
The time unit encompassing that brief period when you realize what's happening has been defined as an ohnosecond.

LOL, every time I see that guy I think to myself -- for a guy that doesn't normally do this, you seem to be doing this a lot!!:lol:

What's funny is that I have never gotten this ad even once!

Too cute !!

A bit from here:

There is no FDIC for this Gold bank account so I cashed out most of my stockpile for fear of CN going under. With the $100 monthly limit it took many months. I still swipe and seem to get surveys and ads most of the time. When I don't seem to be getting any ads I swipe left to look for super silver deals and that seems to get more adds going again. You could always pay friends and family phone accounts with your Gold to lower you stockpile risk.

Our experience has been a mix for us (three people including myself). Still, we are meeting our goals ($198 per month for the two family plans consisting of 7 unlimited everything lines). On some days we just get mainly 1 pointers, but the surveys and the Match-All-Pot s have made up on those days.

In fact, two accounts have consistently hit 100 gold each month which effectively is about 3333 silver each day. We accomplish this by swiping when watching TV or performing tasks that inherently require a wait.

I also recently placed an order for an S9 using CellNuvo funds and expect the funds to become available by the 18th (the latest) based on the update by CellNuvo (10 business days). We simply can't complain and are grateful for CellNuvo.

Interesting observations & shared experiences.
Thanks for sharing all this folks.

For me CN remains a totally 'no hurry' sort of thing.
One day I'll stick their app onto a newer device so that it'll work again & try to get my balance into that.
BUT - I've enough other stuff to keep me busy such that it is not near the top of my to-do list.


Et_Z, getting your balance onto a new device is as simple as can be now, when you're ready-- just loading the app on the new device, and following a few easy steps. You really just need your registered email address, which shows in the settings menu of your current device.

As always - thanks KentE !!

Here...have a snicker if you wish:
Since the CN app needs Android version 5 or newer AND...
That effort is on my list just below replacing the ancient & failing EVO that is our weather/clock in our bathroom...

I must 1st check if there is an OS update for the really nasty Blu phone we've got sitting in a box here to see whether it is headed for the bathroom, or becoming a desk accessory for me.
Of course that phone is a real stinker - so next to that comes seeing IF there is even a device hiding here with Android version 5...or not.

And...all of that is a ways down mr. mom's to-do list - so asking about the current state of affairs with CN here was a preliminary step aimed at whether or not to strike CN off the to-do list.
Thus far it looks like it can stay thanks to all the good folks here who affirmed that it is working these days.

Et_Z, BLU is not known for providing any updates. You may be brave enough to attempt it without official support.

I ran the CN app until very recently on a pair of "really nasty Blu phones"-- Android 6, 4GB memory, 512 mb RAM. Despite having identical specs, one worked reasonably well for swiping, and the other not so much. Both suffered from crashes and hangs, which got worse as the types of ads changed. But, I'd still be muddling along with the better of the 2 if I hadn't found a cheap, more capable, replacement.
I was planning on moving to an Android 5/8gb/1gb I had, but several members here indicated that Android 5 might be more of a hangup than my minimal-memory BLU android 6.

If I were you, I'd try the BLU. If it's too frustrating, keep your eyes open for the occasional $10 deal on a Tracfone device with Android 6 or later, 8gb/1gb minimum. That's what I'm using now: 1 with Android 7/16gb/2gb, one with Android 7/8gb/1gb. Both work fine,: although it's been pointed out that more RAM is good for future-proofing, I see no significant difference between the 2 for now. TaylorMor posted a link to a refurbished Tracfone Rebel 2 a few days ago for $10 including shipping, but that one seems sold out.

Hi KentE & thanks !!
As it turns out, sitting idle did not suit that nasty Blu thing very well & now it won't even boot up, so that's 100% out.
A very big disappointment - never any good from the start - I would never buy that brand again !!!

Seeing the 'goodbye' thread here today as well as your mention of CN needing a newer OS version brings to mind the notion of 'spending money to make money' - which seems wildly out of place with regards to using CN.
If I was totally idle & bored I could see spending $10 to watch ads & swipe, but I am anything but idle, so it seems the best idea for me is to switch it over to a 5.x device, use it against the cost of another 360 days of redpocket in a while (if possible...), then be done with it.

That TF deal reminded me of the terrific LG Fuel deals they had for a while, too bad it sold out so fast.
$10 TF toys can be both fun and useful !!

Thanks Again & Best Wishes.