Sitting, Standing and Death

Just don't sit there, just don't stand there, but get moving, if you want to live longer. This seems to be the clarion call emanating from the latest study of the ill effects from too much time spent on our derrières. Thus maybe there was something beneficial to be had from those walking desks that were in the news some time ago. Must we now rid ourselves of our chairs, couches, or just about all sitting devices, if we want to live longer? Because the article did not clearly define "sitting", some of our sitting may be forgiven, with examples being sitting on a bike while riding it, sitting on a horse while riding riding it, and reclining on a recliner, etc. The study's prescribed way of overcoming our unhealthy sitting habits is to get up every thirty minutes and move around for some time. But, to me, this sounds horrible. The thought that for the rest of my days I must get up from a sitting position and move around every 30 minutes is depressing. But then again, this 30 minute get on up ritual might be quite appealing to cubicle workers throughout the world.Oops-- Time to get up.

The obvious solution is to upload your consciousness to an android body.

Good idea. If I had any consciousness, I would. But I'll keep searching for it.

Well, in my case, it would be impossible to tell whether it is me inside or artificial intelligence. haha