Since leaving Ringplus - which MVNO has impressed you the most?

Changing the subject away from cellnuvo for a moment (dare I!). Just wondering which MVNO or prepaid providers have been the stars for you guys and girls since leaving ringplus. Or for 2017 if you weren't a ringplus customer.

I've personally tried many. Twigby, Tello, Cellnuvo, Freedompop in a dual sim phone, Speedtalk (tmobile and verizon), TPO (Tmobile), Mintsim. Also sprint postpaid but that isn't an mvno.

My current daily driver is TPO on tmobile. They came out with a range of excellent low costs plans via the ringplus forum. I've recommended them to many people and I haven't heard of anyone being disappointed. It is reliable and cheap. I've had no need to contact customer service for anything.

Honorable mention: Tello. If it wasn't a sprint MVNO I would have praised them the most. Their dashboard is excellent, customer service top notch, paygo cheap and without many of the requirements other providers have to top up, plans are decent and much more. Sorry Tello - add tmobile and you'd be my top pick. I still have a couple of lines with you though.

I also like tpo. No issues

R+ plans have unlimited 2g 128k

Puffin browser is the fastest on 2g. It acts like on 4g


I thought about them but missed my chance before they raised the prices.

Is that a earn rewards link posted?

What link are you referring to?

Feature rich and issue free.


Hard to argue with issue free.

TPO. The benevolent plan with $7.99 unlimited talk/text/data is one of the best deals for cell service.

TPO---The$7.99 unlimited talk/text/data benevolent plan using either GSM and CDMA for talkative users. Tello for small usage needs. And Truphone for people wanting unlimited free incoming calls( and free outgoing if one wants to finagle it ) and pretty much no expiration on credits.

I find using puffin browser with 2g works very well