Sim expiry FYI

I had some sims I recieved in 2017 or maybe 2018. I couldn't activate them today and customer service says sims expire after 90 days. They won't send replacements.

Just FYI

That's not good. I have an annual plan I purchased last year around black Friday. At the time, they had a 1 year rule to activate the plan. But if the sims they sent me expired after 90 days, I'm going to be out of luck when I go to activate the plan.

Ouch, thanks for the report!

The activation code is definitely good for a year. You'd think the sims were too. Perhaps the 90 day thing was a mistake by the customer service guy (happens a lot with redpocket). Mine were from over a year ago.

The good news is I was told they would send a replacement sim provided you have a valid activation code. I didn't have a code already so that is why they wouldn't send one to me.

Rp told me they would always send another sim

What carrier? T-Mo SIMs usually expire,.

Both the tmobile and att ones I had did not work. No expiry dates on the sims themselves. They were between 1-2 years old I think.