Sick and tired of 1 silver ads

Sick and tired of 1 silver ads
Not worth the time

Bring back steady 30 silver ads


C'mon CN, gotta sprinkle in some better paying ads!

There was a time there were steady 30 silver ads

Supply and demand - must be getting a lot of people swiping, so the limited advertising budget requires that they give less silver swipe.

I say it is reverse

Both versions of supply-and-demand theory seem plausible.

I only saw 1 10-point ad last night, with the rest 1-pointers. I didn't keep at it.

Getting all 10 silver ads this morning. McDonalds, Hewlett Packard and National car rental.

I only have 1-3 silvers per swipe recently. This is 100-200 silvers per hour, way lower than before.
I think that's similar to others like swagbucks. However, since Cellnuvo can only be used on phone plan, they should offer a little higher rate.

That is bad. I'm seeing more than that on mine. Quite a lot of letgo 10 silver, hulu 7-10 silver, voya 10 silver, the odd 10 points from national. Yes there are more static ads. And the longer 20+ silver letgo and game ads don't seem to credit for me.

Try a google ad reset to start over.

Midnight Eastetrn is not a good time to swipe at the moment. They have these long anti smoking ads and another very long drug ad instead of the steady flow of quick qiip ads. Miss the qiips.

None of the longer LetGo ads credit for me either, never have. There are a few static LetGo ads that credit 1 silver that work.

Slow goings as of late. Occasionally I'll get lucky with a survey. The worst is when I'm teased with one, then it says I'm not eligible based on some initial response.

So sick of those noncrediting ads such as kiip and Google play store installation. They make up 99% of ads currently.

[/ol]that opti-moisture ad is totally disgusting. sp is the audiobook. ancestry too.

Same here. Hope things change soon!

From CN:
Unfortunately, one of our ad nets started sending us the wrong ad types, we are working to get it fixed ASAP, but in the meantime we have stopped pulling ads from them.

thank you mmfacemm. the pay rate is too low but better than nothing. it is amazing that one point of credit can make a person feel so different.

I think I read this tip from Chelle. Swipe with a minimum of three phones/tablets. Make swiping more worthwhile and ads with 4 parts seem not too bad. If consistently not receiving credits, uninstall the app and reinstall it again and all the missed credits will show up. To reinstall the app, enter the code, "Nuvo" and follow direction from there.

I did good yesterday about 800 silver. The swipe left surveys I haven't completed in the last 100 tries at least. Ancestry ad I just x out
And go to the next. It's giving me up to 4 ads in one swipe many times. So that's a plus. Wish they bring 30 pointers back. Got a couple. The 250 survey I think let's u take once a day

I swiped for a whole day and made only 248 points. I hate that survey because it always screens me out. Pain in ass.

... :slight_smile:

I guess this proves that swiping is for the birds! :slight_smile: