Several questions - Phone swaps & porting

Thinking of moving my brother from Cell Nuvo to Tello Pay As You Go but have couple questions. Sadly, I've forgotten most of what was discussed on RingPlus forum about Tello.

  1. Phone swaps - can I put device on Pay As You Go & then swap devices later?
    a) Can I swap device myself (self service)S or have to contact Tello to do that?
    b ) How long does it take to swap devices & have it up & running?
    c) What is the cost for phone swaps, if allowed?

  2. Is porting still free at Tello?
    a) Does CellNuvo have PIN # I need? I have the account number but not the PIN which means having to contact CN for that. :frowning:
    b) Is it better and/or safer to have Tello initiate port in when signing up for PayGo account?
    c) OR, I do have another un-activated device I can use to sign up then initiate the port, then swap devices if that's the better way to go. Opinions?

  3. From what I'm reading as long as call(s) or data is used at least within every 6 months the balance won't expire .. is that correct?

1a) Yes - self service
b) 30 seconds for the swap itself. Couple of minutes including the prl updates. They provide instructions.
c) no cost at all

  1. yes
    a)If you have your original phone number back just chat with redpocket on their website for the correct account number and pin. SOmeone mentioned that is how they go their pin for porting out of cellnuvo. You could ask CN support but it will take longer.
    b) Tello would be the ones initiating the port.
    c) I'd just port when you sign up and not mess with swapping etc.

  2. No they changed it to 3 months. Texts are fine too. Just any activity that causes a charge. So incoming should be fine too. They have an app you can make outgoing calls from if you are out of the country or something.

Tello is a little slow with porting ie a few days but they are reliable.

  1. Yes, you can activate phone now and later change to different phone.
    A. You can do it yourself via your dashboard. Log in your account, and on dashboard, click on "Change Phone" and follow simple instructions to do it.
    B. Almost immediately after you done with the process.
    C. Totally free!

  2. Porting is free! Some I read here, you can contact Red Pocket to get necessary porting informations. When you'd like to port depend on you. If he needs services now, just activate new account, then when need to port just contact customer support. Tello has excellent customer support so don't worry. Or if changing device, the dashboard also give you an option to port a number via your dashboard. If not, just contact customer support to port in the number.

  3. Tello recently changed it to making one call/text/data every 3 months or adding money to PayG account. They don't strictly enforce it as I have a phone over 4 months with no calls or text, but the credits in PayG still good. But just in case, just text or call every 3 months just in case all sudden Tello wants to strictly enforce this rule.

Very thorough answers!
My port time to Tello was very quick-- less than an hour in the middle of the night. I was porting from Ting, which may have made a difference. I can't remember whether I moved the device along with the number, or whether I had a device already free. That may make a difference, too.

For paygo on sprint you just can't beat tello. The competition doesn't even come close. You get great customer service, a feature rich dashboard, a voip app (though just outgoing calls), cheap prices, the option to buy a monthly plan, overseas calling rates are okay, an easy to navigate website that looks great, reliability, no requirement to top up every x months.

It could lower its phone prices. Add incoming calls to the app. Open up a forum. Family accounts with joint paygo. But all these are just the extras that aren't essential.

I'd really like to see them offer tmobile one day or another network. That would be excellent.

Thank you everyone for your very thorough & helpful answers.

Tello sounds like it would be next best solution for my bro, even if not quite free it'd still be dirt cheap for his needs. CellNuvo would still be best for absolutely free but not if they can't get it together so the device would stay working. We've tried to be patient but ... sometimes free is not the best option.

Using the service every 3 months would not a problem, my bro does use data about every week & makes calls about once a month or so. lol

Still no answer from CellNuvo to my "ticket" about getting his service working again. He did get his original number back & all was great until his minutes expired.