Service outage

It's been over a week now that I don't have service. Every time I contact support they just give me the runaround. It's anyone in the same boat as me?

See,, Authentication error when performing PRL & Profile update procedure - Telecom - Nth Circle,, & not to mention & others

There's that R+ deja vu again!

... except, it looks like CN was successful in switch to another provider. Hope they succeed, crossing my fingers!

I imagine CN Support is trying "cookie cutter" responses to individual problems at the moment, and hoping that it works to solve some of the problems. I'm sure they're still buried in work.
If the CN site comes back up for new activations, it might be wise for those with spare phones to sign up for a new temporary account just to get a working phone, if a spare phone is available.

I don't understand the urgent need for functioning service I guess. During the whole outage we just used a free TextNow number that lets you send calls and texts when on Wi-Fi. Most people are on a Wi-Fi network all day, or at least for a good chunk of it.

The main issue with this outage is that primary phone numbers have been lost and absolutely need to be restored to the functioning lines. All of the activation issues obviously also need to be sorted out, but I genuinely feel like the phone numbers being lost is the much larger concern for many people and there has been no word on that yet. Ting recovered plenty of "lost" numbers from RingPlus and I am surely hoping that Red Pocket/CellNuvo will do the same. I've reached out to Ting to ask them how they saved my numbers before so that I can hopefully pass that info along to CN support.

I'll take a seat in your boat. Been getting canned responses from support. They either don't read our emails in detail or they are clueless. Not sure which is worse.

Anybody having any success with prl update and other fixes. I'm not. No phone service 10 days. Cell nuvo app not crediting points either

All 3 devices we manage are still activatable on Ting. I suspect that means, in an area with at least medium to strong cell signal, no amount of PRL / Profile / Wifi turned off / ##78786# / Battery removals / shut down / naps / Wifi turned on, etc, will work. Just my suspicions though.

What happens when you enter the phone number in the link below?

If you're referring to my situation, which phone number do you mean, the number in the phone's settings screen, or the number that was previously associated with CellNuvo for the phone?

For many of us there are no numbers to refill. Just the 000-000-xxxx numbers. We never received a temporary number.

the number that was previously associated with CellNuvo

"Oops! We were unable to find your account. Please check your Red Pocket Mobile number and try again."

That is interesting.

I manage one CellNUVO account that has not received a temporary number and it unable to provision and thus has not worked since 8/18/2017.

However, when I enter the CellNUVO telephone account associated with it into the Refill Box, is shows a Red Pocket Account.

Is that device activation ready with Ting and Tello?

"Is that device activation ready with Ting and Tello?"


What is interesting is it showed available on Ting on Friday but not until Saturday on Tello. Of course that could simply be the update cycle at Tello.

I contacted Red Pocket and the rep confirmed that there had been a port request for the CellNUVO number and that it had been cancelled.

It is beginning to look to me that this is what has happened:

  1. CellNUVO arranged to port all numbers and then for some reason canceled the ports

  2. All MEID and ICCID were released and intended for assignment to temporary numbers with the intention of later porting the CellNUVO numbers

  3. the process of properly activating the MEIDs and ICCIDs on the lines associated with these temporary numbers was not instantaneous for all users but took place over a period of time.

  4. CellNUVO advised users to update Profile and PRL

  5. For users who did this after the activation process had completed for their device, everything worked properly.

  6. For those who did so before the activation process completed obviously the updates failed and the device lost the ability to update PRL and Profile until an account refresh happens on the backend.

For the 3 phones we manage, the redpocket site provided the message "Oops! We were unable to find your account. Please check your Red Pocket Mobile number and try again."

I'm hoping so too MicrotonalBanana!!


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